Sasha’s Cuckold Cum Clean Up Slave Therapy Training

Sasha’s Cuckold Cum Clean Up Slave Therapy Training 6:00
Today is your lucky day, I had the most amazing sex last night with my hot lover with the thick beautify cock. I let him shoot a huge load of cum inside of me and I still havent taken a shower. You’ve always wanted to learn how to be a good cuckold and I’m going to show you how today. If you want to serve my pussy then you’re going to show me that you can be a good cuckold who’s going to clean up for me. Your cock so small, in fact its the smallest i’ve ever seen cucky boy. My stud toys cock is like 5 times the size of yours ! Come on over here slave, get over here and lick this pussy up nice and clean and taste that cum. You’re such a good slave it’s too bad your dick is so small. Be a good slave and do as your told. See you don’t have to be totally worthless you do a good job at cleaning up.

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