Sasha’s Blackmail Pill Home Wrecking Seduction

Blackmail and home wrecking fetishes can be incredibly powerful. Blackmail is almost scary when it happens to you and you don’t even realize that its happening until its too late. Your blackmail fetish and longing for my home wrecking has your cock incredibly hard for me in this session.
Come on into the office, I have something for you today that I wanted to share. There are these amazing new natural relaxation pills that I’ve been taking and I wanted you to give it a try to see what happens. You’ve been so hesitant opening up to me on a lot of things so perhaps this will enhance our session. Don’t worry I would never slip you anything that I didn’t think was healthy and going to totally benefit you. You’re going to feel so good and relaxed I wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up telling me things that you never told me before. Here just swallow it whole and get yourself really comfortable.
Includes – Blackmail – Home Wrecking – Sensual

Blackmail Home Wrecking Fetish

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