Sasha Makes You A Jeans Worship Ass Slave JOI

It’s so rare that I come into my office in jeans. But on those casual days I have my jeans on I can see your cock get hard and your eyes light up. I’ve got the legs and the ass to fill those hot jeans and I know it. Now I’m going to take advantage of your jeans fetish.
You’re a denim slut are’t you. I always see they way your eyes light up when I wear my jeans. You want to smell my asshole through my jeans don’t you, smell my warm pussy right through that denim. I love to tease a butt slut like you with my jeans. I know exactly what a jean slut like you wants so get over here and smell my crotch and lick my pussy over my jeans and taste my denim. Show me what a good jeans slut you are for my expensive jeans, show me that you deserve to worship my perfect ass in my sexy denim. I’m going to make you stuff your face into my thong too so you can get a really nice deep smell as you watch my jeans go up and down my ass while your hand goes up and down your cock.
Includes – Denim – Jeans – Seduction – Ass Worship

Jeans Worship

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