Sasha Kicks Her Roommates Ass Wrestling Girl Fight

I caught my roommate going through my closet and taking my clothes and I’m so fucking pissed off. I’m going to confront her and if she denies it I’m going to kick her ass. I’m really sick of the pig mess she makes too. She’s the worst roommate I’ve ever had and I’m going to show her now not to fuck with my stuff! I’m going to throw her on the ground and shove my dirty shoes all over her bitch self! I’ve always thought she was a lesbian too so I’m going to see what happens when I trap that bitch on the floor and stick my pussy on her face and hold her down. She can cry and call me a crazy bitch all she wants and I won’t care. I’m the Queen around here and no one takes my stuff!
Includes – Girl Fight – Wrestling – Brat Princess – Lesbian – Femdom – Humiliation

Sasha Kicks Roommates Ass

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