Sasha Is Boss Life Coach Sasha’s Office Lesbian Seduction

Its been a long day at the office and I have a lot on my mind. I’ve been noticing the incredible hot blond new assistant who’s been walking around the office. I go over to talk to her and see how she likes working for me and she tells me how happy she is to be here. It was obvious she was so grateful to work for me that she would do anything. I start to caress her beautiful blond hair and she seems a bit surprised. Everyone has left the office and its just the two of us. I want her to show me how badly she wants to be my personal assistant and climb up the ranks fast. My assistant and I kiss and she starts to go down on me and licks my pussy until I cum. I cum so hard and I grab her hand and brings it back to my wet pussy before she can say a word, “Make me cum AGAIN” I whisper. If she wants to be my number one in the office she’s going to have to make me cum. I use my assistants hand to rub my clit until I cum even harder than the first time.
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Lesbian Office Seduction

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