Sasha Gives Leah The Best Christmas Gifts And Orgasms

I’ve got a special Christmas role-play session for you.  You love to see me with my girlfriends and female lovers so I thought I would let you in on the special gift I got for Leah one of my old college girlfriends.

Coming home for the holidays and seeing good friends is one of my favorite things. I’ve always had a crush on one of my best friends so I thought I would get her something special this year.  A really special gift I know she won’t forget. I decided this year to get her a special kind of toy and it’s made of glass. She loves the movie frozen so I found her a special icicle that will melt all of her cold frozen parts.  She told me she got me something really special too. This is going to be a really special Christmas one both of us are never going to forget.

Includes –  Girl/Girl, Pussy Licking, Orgasms, Glass Toy, Kissing, Sensual

Girl On Girl Christmas Femdom

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