Sasha Enslaves You And Your Wife Her Slave

I’m going to make boy you and your wife my slave bitches. I’m going to won you both and make you do all kinds of things for me. You’re going to both be my bitched and i’m going to make your wife do all kinds of nasty things. I might go out and find a hot guy with a really big cock and let him cum inside my pussy just so I can make your wife lick it up. I’m going to have you as my assistant running errands for me and you’ll do it all with a smile on your face. Look at my insanely hot body because it’s going to make you do whatever I ask of you. You’re both so pathetic and should be so happy that you’re getting the chance to serve a Goddess like me. You should be grateful you get to look at such greatness and perfection. You’re going to sit in the corner and watch your wife lick the cum from my pussy and its going to be so fun as Im looking at you laughing at you. From now on you’re both my slaves.

Husband And Wife Slave

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