Research Volunteer For Sasha’s Sissy JOI Intoxication Study

I’m so happy you volunteered to be a part of my Intoxication fetish study. You will be compensated for your time. This is a really special study for me, would you like to have a drink? I want to see if the intoxication has a specific effect on you. Just follow all my instructions and allow the intoxication to let your body feel so good and have you do things you may have never done before. You may even find yourself reaching a special sissy state of mind once you’ve began to feel the different fetish intoxications. It’s going to feel really good, you know that your Coach Sasha will guide you in the right direction. You’re so fucked up you can’t control your hard cock so I’m going to help you by guiding the way.

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Forced Intoxication Study

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