Red Lipstick Fetish Seduction, Cum For My Red Lips JOI

When you come to our fetish life coaching sessions I always notice the way you watch my lips. I can really tell you like when I have on my red lipstick because you seem to pay even more attention to what I’m saying. I’m going to ignite your red lipstick fetish.
My pretty pouty soft hypnotic lips get you so hard. Im going to put on the most pretty red lipstick and let you watch nice and close. I know you want to cum all over my lips, I can tell by how hard your cock is getting as I tease you with my round full lips. You stroke your cock thinking about me allowing you to cover my pretty lips with cum. Your cock throbs wishing it was between my lips with red rings of lipstick around your cock. My lips are so seductive they are totally controlling you. My pretty pout is taking control of your cock getting you so hard. You can’t help it you have to jerk off to my pretty red lips

Includes – Lips – Red Lipstick – Seduction – Masturbation Instruction

Red Lipstick Fetish

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