Personal Massage Slave Training

Life Coach Sasha Trains You To Be A Personal Massage Slave Bitch Boy
You want to serve me don’t you? You want to put your hands all over my body I know you do.  I’m going to train you into my bitch boy slave. I want you to start by rubbing my feet and giving them the proper attention they deserve like a good bitch boy slave. I can make you do whatever I want and you’re going to be so happy to comply to make me happy. You live for being bitch boy slave and pleasing your Coach Sasha. My ass is feeling pretty sore too from all those squats so you’re going to have to rub it for me and make me feel really good. It’s exactly why I’m going to love having you around to do exactly what I want to please me. You’re going to rub me all over and it better be dome right and better be done really good so that it makes me feel so amazing. Relive my tension and tell me how you love being my bitch boy massage slave. Make me moan in exstacy massage bitch slave boy!

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