Outdoor Ass Hypnosis With Life Coach Sasha

Outdoor Vacation Ass Hypnosis 6 min

I saw you staring at me in the hotel and I caught you following me down to the beach. I kept dropping things just to test you and see if you were staring at my ass. I was right, now I’m going to put you deep under my ass spell and get you addicted to me and I’m going to take all your vacation money. Can you imagine your wife or girlfriend knowing how you’ve been watching me on your vacation. The tropical sun radiating off my beautiful tanned ass. Watch as my ass sways back and forth as I mind control and tease you as you focus on my beautiful sun kissed ass. Its so hypnotizing, my tanned skin makes you so weak for me. Don’t look away from my ass, really focus on how beautiful it is. Look at how my pretty pussy is peaking from that ass hypnotizing you deeper and deeper. You will give everything to my bronzed ass.
Includes – Femdom – Ass Worship – Mind Control

Ass Hypnosis

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