My Beautiful Face Makes You A Hypnotized Jerking Robot Slave

My Beautiful Face Makes You A Hypnotized Jerking Robot Slave
I’m so beautiful and powerful that I can control you with just my face. The way you look into my dreamy eyes locks you into my world as I take control over you. You never thought it was possible to fall under the control of such a pretty face just through your screen. Well, it’s going to happen to you, Im going to control you and your cock with my beautiful face. I’m not going to show you my body and you’re going to be harder for me then you ever have before. You’re going to experience the most rock hard cock inducing feelings from listening to me and looking into my eyes as I take total control of your life. The more you look into my eyes the more I’m going to own you, I’ve always owned you but now the feeling is more intense then ever before. My eyes, my lips, my words make you stroke your cock over and over for me. You can feel that I am your one truce Goddess whom you want to give everything too. All I have to do is say what I want and you will give in. All you want to do is serve me, give me your money, buy me things and stroke for me every single day. Your mind, body and orgasms are mine and you will never get enough. The addiction is mounting as you stare and I control you.

Includes – Seduction – Financial Domination – Face – Eyes – Staring – Hypnosis – Control

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