Mistress Sasha Seduced Your Wife

The Labor day holiday weekend is here and its the last few weeks of bikinis at least for most of you. Those hot beach bodies in many places are going to be put away and out comes the bulky stuff.
I’ve always thought your wife was kinda cute and a little hot and I’ve decided I’m going to seduce your wife and I’m going to fuck her. I’m going to steal your wife away from you. I’m going to make you sit in the corner and you’re going to watch her lick my pussy. She deserves more then a small dick loser like you, I can make her cum better then you ever could or ever will. I’m a professional pussy eater and I’m so good. Your wife would love to fuck me, she probably hasn’t had a good orgasm in a long time that she hasn’t given herself. I’m going to be the one who makes your wife cum. Sit back all alone in the corner as you listen to how I’m going to do it to her. I’m already so wet and turned on.

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Seducing Your Wife

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