Life Coach Sasha’s Bikini Financial Domination Hypnosis

Mind Controlling Stroke Instruction Financial Domination In Paradise 

You know what you came here for, you’re going to jerk your cock off to me as I guide you at my beautiful pool. You love seeing me so tan and in my hot bikini as I get you so hard and more inclined to do whatever I say. The moment you looked at me you instantly became brain dead. I love when your mind is weak and controlled by me. You need me to tell you how o jerk off and when to jerk off and what to do while you’re jerking off. You know I love it and you know what else I love? I love when you give me your money and I love making you so weak that you give me more and more of your money. You like jerking off to me, You like looking at my sexy young body, you like it when I tease you with my ass and pussy. Then you have to pay. You don’t care though, you would gladly give me all your money just to get to play.  Keep staring at my tits and my pussy, look how nice my pussy is. Look at my pussy and stoke that fucking cock. Go faster and faster. Now you belong to me. You can only stroke when I tell you to. You can only cum when I tell you to. You are going to go and buy all of my clips, like a good obedient boy. You are going to watch me everyday and obsess over me.

Includes – Bikini Worship – JOI – Masturbation Instruction – Femdom – Financial Domination – Seduction


Bikini financial domination

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