Holiday Hypnosis – All You Want For Christmas Is Me JOI

I have another holiday hypnosis sessions for you this season.  The most sexy Santa Goddess you’ve ever had to worship.  Don’t you want me all wrapped up in a bow under your tree.

Put on your headphones I have a special Holiday session for us today, a sexy hypnotic Christmas JOI.  I love this time of the year, it brings out so much emotion for so many people. It’s a time of the year when i’m needed more then ever. The holidays can be such a joy but so stressful and that’s exactly why you need me now more then ever. All you really want is to come and have sessions with me every single day, you want me and only me. You only want me, you only want to think about me, you only want to hear my voice and you only want to serve me. The more you look at my beautiful body the more you become hypnotized and the more you become hypnotized you realize that all you want is me and nothing else. When you’re asked what you want this year for Christmas the first thing that will go through your mind is wanting me. Wanting to serve me, wanting to be beneath me serving my beautiful body.
Includes – Sensual – Hypnotic – Tits – Pussy – Femdom


Christmas Hypnosis

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