Giantess Sasha Ass Worship Trap

You’re going to get nice and close to me tiny man, We don’t need special effects and a green screen to make you feel small. It feels so good when I shrink you little man. I’m going to use your tiny little body to get myself off. I’m going to put you inside my ass and you’re going to make me cum. Are you ready to be used as a little Man dildo inside my ass? You’ve always wanted to get close to my ass and now its ready for you. You’re going to make a really good little ass toy for me. You’re going to be even better than a nice strand of anal beads. I was going to put you in my pussy but I decided to put you in my ass instead. I want to cum with my ass and you’re responsible for it little Man. You better make me cum really hard little Man. Lets hope I reverse the spell and reverse shrink you.
Includes – Giantess – Role Play – Ass Worship – Pussy – Close Up POV

Giantess Ass Worship

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