Foot Fetish JOI Therapy With Sasha Adams Bare Tan Feet

I just put lotion all over my feet and they are so soft, take a look at how tan they are and my perfect light pink pedicure. I know you want to slide your cock between my soft soles but you can’t so you’re going to stroke to my soles. Imagine putting both or my pretty feet right into your mouth and tasting those pretty pastel pink toes. Your cock is so hard for my feet, you want to touch them and play with them and rub your cock on them don’t you. I know thats exactly what you want, just imagine how it would feel having my soft soles against that hard cock of yours. I want you to stroke your cock as I direct you how and you’re going to cum for my feet and show me how much you worship my feet. You’re going to give all your cum to my feet and you’re going to do it now!

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Tan Feet JOI

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