Coach Sasha’s Sensual Lip Hypnosis – Mouth Seduction JOI

A new start to the year I thought we might begin with a more gentle life coaching session. I thought a nice way for you to really focus on what I say is drawing you closer to watching my mouth and lips.
I’ve noticed in our sessions that you’re always so nice and focused on my lips. If you have a lip fetish to a mouth fetish this will increase those feelings. You focus on my mouth and the way each word I say begins to feel so sexual. My lips and my mouth seduce you and hypnotize you. You will stare at my lips, and watch my mouth move as my warm and wet tongue caresses my lips look at how pretty my lips are, so soft and so hypnotic. Don’t look away, keep your eyes right here on my beautiful mouth. Mmmmmm The more you look at my luscious sweet lips the more hypnotized you will become. The hypnotized you become the harder your cock will get looking at my lips and watching my mouth move. You will surrender to your Coach Sasha’s lips as they seduce you and control your cock in our private session.


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