Coach Sasha’s Dick Is Bigger Than Yours. Ultimate Humiliation

You’re such a weak pussy, you’ve been seeing me for a year and you’re still just a weak ass loser who’s made little to no progress. My cock is so much bigger than yours pussy boy. Look at your Coach Sasha’s big virtual cock compared to your tiny excuse for a dick. You can almost see how huge my cock is coming straight out of my pretty pussy. You’re going to be down on your knees for me like a pathetic loser pussy and you’re going to suck my huge cock. Do you like sucking my big huge dick? Your little dick is about the size of my pinky. You know I really did think after all this time with me you would have shown at least a little improvement but, you’re really nothing but a pussy.
Includes – Femdom – Humiliation – Pussy

My Dick Is Bigger Thank Yours

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