Coach Sasha Valentine Home Wrecker Seduction Destruction

Femdom Valentine attention is exactly what you need during this holiday of love and affection. You really need som femdom life coaching time and I’m here for you. I love Valentines day it really brings out the devilish femdom in me. You know I get really turned on when you come to me and complain about your life life. I’m going to help your relationship this Valentines day with my home wrecking advice.

All of those gifts you were going to get your girlfriend or wife are all going to me now because I’m all you can think about and can’t keep your mind off me, All you ever do is think about my body and think about my ass and how you want to touch it. You show up to my office with flowers and candy and gifts and I’m going to take them all. I don’t care if I ruin your relationship because you know I want you all to myself. My red panties and my juicy ass are enough to take you away from every Woman. When you’re fucking your wife or girlfriend you’ll only think about me since I’m the only one that can turn you on. I’m wrecking your relationship and I don’t give a fuck, in fact you know I love it and I’m about to make it even worse. Your cock is mine, your cash is mine, and every fit is going to me. I’m your red hot valentine lover and no one makes you cum like I do which is exactly why I’m going to destroy your relationship.

Valentine Home Wrecker

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