Coach Sasha Humiliation The Holidays Are Coming Fat Ass JOI Clip

This is a really hard time of the year to control your eating, Holidays are about to begin and the cold weather in moving in. Generally that means more eating and less activity especially if you live in the cold weather climates, all your favorite holiday foods are beginning to appear. Well, I can resist it thats why my body looks like this prefect and thats why your body looks like a big fat not in perfect shape lazy shit. You need to learn to control that binge eating fatty. Seriously look at your gut, its not tight like it once was its getting worse and its about to get even bigger. You’re going to have to stop eating like a total pig through the holidays and control that carb addiction. Look how tight my body is and how firm my breasts are. Fattys don’t get to kiss my tits fattys get mocked and humiliated for not being able to control cramming everything they see down their throat!! You’re going to jerk off for me and learn to control yourself for the holidays and don’t be a total failure fat ass!


One thought on “Coach Sasha Humiliation The Holidays Are Coming Fat Ass JOI Clip”

  1. Sasha you described me to a “T”! I’m a fatty bloated pig who stuffs his fat face. I have jiggly man-boobs and a little penis that is shrinking into my fat gut. I am a pathetic loser and I am going to jerk off for you. With your help, I will learn to control cramming junk down my pie hole. Thank you Sasha, you rock!

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