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Femdom Life Coach Homewrecker Marriage Ruin

I’ve got my sexy red dress on for our life coaching session you know the one that makes your cock hard within moments of your walking in the door. I didn’t even wear my panties today you pussy peeker, I find that it makes you more weak when you catch those glances. In our session this week we are going to talk about your relationship. You’re so addicted to coming to me, now you’re coming to me more and more. It’s like you need to make more and more appointments to see me. I’m going to help you with your relationship by making you at my disposal and having the power to control you and lead you in the right direction. I love being your seductive life coach and helping you with things, I knew from the first session we ever had together that I was going to be able to really control your mind and now i’m going to control your relationship.

Marriage Homewrecker

Am I Going To Let You Cum? Seductive Hypnotic JOI

Am I Going To Let You Cum? Seductive Hypnotic JOI

I have a hot session for you today, I want you to jerk that cock off for me. You’re going to think about what it would be like rubbing your cock against my gorgeous nylon stockings and thighs. You want to cum already don’t you, Am I going to let you cum? Do you love the way I look in my lingerie? You’re going to keep stroking as I tease you with my body and tell you to stroke it. You think about jerking off to me all the time. You better not stop stroking that cock until I tell you too. You should hope I decide that yes you will be able to cum. I might just be a cock tease and say no. How bad do you want this? Lets find out.


Joi Femdom Clip

Fatty Humiliation Femdom Clip With Life Coach Sasha

I give nothing but tough love in my sessions. I will only be totally honest and lay out the truth. You’re fat and you’re single or you’re with an equally fat Woman for a reason. In my latest clip you’ll understand why you can’t get a Woman like me.
This femdom life coach session is for YOU!

You’re A Fat Loser! Sasha’s Life Coach Humiliation

Look at you, you’re a fat out of shape loser and I’m a perfect hot hard body who eats healthy and gets a ton of hot cock. Of course I only fuck guys in really good shape. You know you’ll never fuck me and I love teasing you, humiliating you and flaunting my incredible body at you to teach you a lesson. I have a special humiliation session for you. I really get turned on from telling you what a fat loser you are. Doesn’t my INSANE body inspire you to get in shape? I’m the lifeline for a fat loser like you to get in shape and aspire to fuck a girl even a fragment as hot as I am. I show everything off to you because I know it looks so good and I love to make fun of you as you get hard. Lets get to it and start to fix that loser life fatty!


Fat Humiliation

Sensual Yoga Pose Addiction

Looking at my body in sensual perfect yoga poses gets your hectic mind at ease. You begin to feel the hypnotic control I have over you with my strong body.
Take the time to surrender to your Coach Sasha with this intense sensual fitness photo set.
Let your mind relax and focus on my sensual and erotic strong yoga poses. All your stress will melt away looking at my beautiful body so strong and powerful taking all the tension from your mind and body. So sexy, your cock and mind will be mesmerized by my power and beauty.
Femdom fitness inspires you to be a better submissive, femdom fitness inspires you to serve me. Allow your addiction to deepen and relax.

Sexy Yoga Poses

Femdom Life Coach Ass Ruins Your Relationship Homewrecking

In this special femdom life coaching session we go over how my perfect fit and tight ass is so powerful that it can actually ruin your relationship. My ass is the definitive homewrecking device that can and will have you forgetting the name of your wife or girlfriend. Full on mASSdestruction of the mind. Your eyes always go right to my pussy and I know exactly what you’re wishing. You’re wanting to lick it so bad don’t you. Do you want to get close to me? If you do then you’ll have to follow my orders and listen to what your life coach Sasha has to say. I guide you in all the right directions you need to be in I’m the best life coach for you. I make homewrecking feel so easy and seductive, sometimes I just want you all to myself. Sasha gets what Sasha wants.