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Secretary Sasha Office Cum Eating Blackmail Jerk Off Instruction

Your favorite Secretary is back in the office this week. I think we both know who the real boss is when I’m in the room. Are you ready to get the day started the right way. Let’s get to work listen to every word that I say.

It looks like I found something really interesting out about you. I know you masturbate in your office and cum all over your desk and I have the proof right here on my phone. So things are going to have to change around here. You’re going to do as I say or I will destroy you. Do exactly as I tell you right now. You’re going to jerk your cock off for me and cum all over your monitor and I’m going to film it for further proof. You’re such a loser I’m the boss now little dick! You know they say the camera makes everything look bigger but in your case its not working! You’re in for a big treat, I’m going to make you lick every drop of that cum off that screen for me. You’re such a pervert jerking off in your office while I’m sitting right there. Do as I say right now and cum all over that screen or you’re fucked and I’ll make you lose everything and I mean everything like penniless! Did I make myself clear?
Includes – Blackmail – JOI – Role Play – CEI – Humiliation

Secretary CEI Instruction

Life Coach Sasha’s Orgasm Denial For Her Pleasure

Happy Monday, ready to start the week off right for me?
You know what really gets me off? Its you being denied an orgasm for my pleasure. I want you to stroke your hard throbbing cock for me. It’s already throbbing isn’t it. You want to give me pleasure don’t you? You want to please your Coach Sasha and when you deny yourself it turns me on so much. You’re going to jerk your cock as I torment you with my beautiful tits, rubbing my sweet pussy and putting my ass in your face. You’re going to feel so good. The more you deny yourself that orgasm the more turned on I get and all you want to do is get me off. Deny yourself for me now and feel the pain in my pleasure.

Orgasm Denial

Giving Thanks To Your Fitness Femdom Coach Sasha

Did you have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend? I did and I was thankful for so many things including my wonderful family and friends, my health and my ever growing wonderful clients who’s lives I know I’m changing for the better. Just because you put that extra helping of gravy on your stuffing doesn’t mean you get to slack off we have a lot of work to do. Be thankful that I’m here to kick your ass right into 2015.
You will show your thanks to your coach Sasha and lavish yourself with pure adoration for me all year long. You are thankful for the advice I give you, the leadership I hold in your life, the places my voice and body take you too. You will give thanks for the journey that we have begun together and will continue.
Show your gratitude and show your thanks with this tribute and beautiful bossy bitchy hard cock inducing photos.



Femdom Supergirl Home Wrecking Heroine Life Coach

Your favorite femdom life coach made a special holiday themed session for you. Some hot costume play and the ever so real hot home wrecking thatI am going to do to you.
I’m Super Seductrix Sasha your home wrecking heroine and I’m here to do justice and destroy your relationship! My seductive stare and super seduction powers and incredibly powerful ass and pussy will break your marriage apart, ruin your engagement or take away the beginnings of a potential new relationship. I’m here to make you all mine! Do you want to see how powerful it is under my cape and take a look at my super powerful home wrecking ass and pussy? Take deep hypnotic a look at my ass, its got super powers, the more you look at my ass the more you will want to be single again, single for me. You want to be single for Sasha go ahead and say that out loud a few times as you really focus on my ass I want you to say “ My super seduction powers are no match for you or that lame bitch your with. You will be all mine super seducer Sasha always prevails!


Supergirl Home Wrecker