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Fatty Humiliation Femdom Clip With Life Coach Sasha

I give nothing but tough love in my sessions. I will only be totally honest and lay out the truth. You’re fat and you’re single or you’re with an equally fat Woman for a reason. In my latest clip you’ll understand why you can’t get a Woman like me.
This femdom life coach session is for YOU!

You’re A Fat Loser! Sasha’s Life Coach Humiliation

Look at you, you’re a fat out of shape loser and I’m a perfect hot hard body who eats healthy and gets a ton of hot cock. Of course I only fuck guys in really good shape. You know you’ll never fuck me and I love teasing you, humiliating you and flaunting my incredible body at you to teach you a lesson. I have a special humiliation session for you. I really get turned on from telling you what a fat loser you are. Doesn’t my INSANE body inspire you to get in shape? I’m the lifeline for a fat loser like you to get in shape and aspire to fuck a girl even a fragment as hot as I am. I show everything off to you because I know it looks so good and I love to make fun of you as you get hard. Lets get to it and start to fix that loser life fatty!


Fat Humiliation

Femdom Life Coach Pillow Humping Humiliation Lesson

A brand new Femdom life coach video that will have you feeling so good upon watching and following the session. Are you pillow fucker? Do you have a pillow humping fetish?

Pillow Humping Humiliation Lesson 1

I know since you’ve been coming to our sessions you’ve been having sexual thoughts about me. Since you’re never going to have sex with me and the closest thing you’re going to get is fucking pillow and calling it Sasha. I’m going to show you how to do it and tell you how to jerk your cock off. Your Life Coach knows exactly how to get your sex life going. It’s going to feel really good, this is going to be some of the best pussy you’re ever going to get. I will be laughing at you as I seduce you, I will be humiliating you as I see fit. Go get your pillow and lets get to your first Pillow humping coached session.

Pillow Humping Humiliation

Femdom Life Coach Hypnotic Eyes

Focus is so important especially when I tell you to focus on my words, and my eyes. When I tell you to look deep into my eyes to maximize the way my words penetrate your mind.
“Look Deep Into My Eyes And Focus” is the beginners set to a deeper glimpse into my eyes. You will find when you look deep and focus on my eyes you will naturally begin to fall into a deeper sub space allowing you to listen and focus with a much more open and submissive mind.
Look deep into my powerful eyes. I’m your inspiration and hypnotic life coach.
Hypnotic Eyes