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Coach Sasha’s Sissy Anal Workout Training

One of the most important things about being a sissy is taking it in the ass or as I like to call its, your boy pussy. I’m going to show you some workouts that will help you take it in the ass like a good sissy. First of all you need to make sure your ass always looks it’s best. If you’re going to be taking it in the ass it should look perfect and round at all times. Sissy squats are really good for making that booty pop and I know a sissy like you is going to make your booty really want to pop out to get all the attention. Don’t forget you need to learn how to get that butt hole nice and loose everyday and the right finger finger techniques will get you there. Having a nice willing ass is the key to being a good sissy. The more you do this homework the more of a good sissy you’re going to become.

Includes – Sissy Training – Femdom – Humiliation – Ass – Pussy

Exposing Your Secret That You Love Big Cock JOI

I know everything about the real you.
You think that no one knows the secret shame you hide inside but I know your deep shameful secrets, I know something about you that you can’t even say out loud. You can think you’re going to hide your secret from me but you can’t. I know you love cock, I know you obsess over cock and think about cock all the time. I don’t blame you I love cock too. Look at how hard you’re getting when I show you these photos of these guys with these huge massive cocks. Those big cocks are so hot they are actually making me wet right now. I want you to try something and start jerking off to this hot picture of this big cock, just do it for me. It’s ok to say it to me, you know you want to just tell me you want to suck cock, and you think all these photos I’m showing you of these cocks are getting you so turned on. I know what you truly want and you want this big hard throbbing cock right in your closet cock sucking face. You’re actually watching this to jerk off to me right? Whatever you say but I can still make you jerk off to cock any time I want too. Go ahead and look at this cock and imagine sucking it, pleasing it and getting it to cum. You’re going to cum so hard for me and this big huge cock.
Includes – Femdom – Confessions – JOI – Nude – Forced Bi

Training You To Become A Cum Loving Slut With Hypnosis

I have a special life coaching session for you. You want taste cum, you think about it all the time but you’re afraid of your feelings. Today we’re going to work on training you to be a good cum loving slut. Part of pleasing the Woman you serve or to be the best sissy thou can be is to make sure you become a really good cum lover. You want to become a pleaser and nothing will please you more then a hot sticky load of cum in your mouth and all over your face. Being a good cum loving slut you would know that you don’t want that cum to get all over your face too much because you don’t want to waste a precious drop of that hot cum. A cum loving slut takes every drop down his sissy throat and loves every second of it. You will make sure to lick them clean like a good cum slut and be the best sissy cum slut that you can be. I’ll see you next week to see how much sissy cum slut progress you’ve made.

Cum Loving Hypnosis

Coach Sasha’s Sissy Cock Sucking Training

Are you ready to begin your sissy training?
In this session I’m going to show you hot to give the best blow job ever. I’m going to show you on my incredibly realistic nice dildo. To be a really good sissy its important that you look good with that cock in your mouth. You’re going to learn how to take that cock deep in your mouth. I’m going to be taking it deep down mine to show you exactly how your going to do it. A good sissy takes a nice big dick down that sissy throat and learns to really love it. This is exactly why I’m showing you exactly how to give the best blow job ever. You’re going to live up to your full sissy potential for me.
Includes – Sissy Training – Cock Sucking Instruction – Femdom

Femdom Magic Control Sasha Transforms You Into A Girl

Im going to take the opportunity to use your transformation fetish and make you into a girl with a really pretty pussy just like mine. You’ve always wanted to transform your Man body into a Woman’s body and I’m going to make that happen with my femdom magic control.

When we met at the bar and I asked you to come back to my place this probably wasn’t what you had in mind. How would you have any idea that I was going to use my seductive powers to control your body and by the time we are done turn you into a Woman.
I think the first thing I’m going to do to you is change your ugly boy clothing and thats just the beginning. Looking at my beautiful female body is making you want to look like me, Don;t be afraid, whats the matter? Do you think you’re going to lose your little dick? You’re going to look so nice all hairless with some sexy bouncy tits. It really gets me off to watch these changes come over your body. Don’t worry about losing your cock, I’m going to replace it with a pretty pussy like mine. See, I knew you would love my magic control, but now we need to change that voice of yours. Look how nice and smooth and feminine you’re becoming just like I wanted. You’re going to lose all your muscle and get thin to look more like a woman and of course you’re going to have nice long hair. Before you lose your penis do you want to get what you thought you were going to get? We will see if you can and if the spell allows it.
Includes – Feminization – Transformation Fetish – Seduction – Role Play – Magic Control

Turning You Ito A Girl