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April Sensual Seductive Sexy Selfies

Let’s begin April off right with 10 of the most sensual erotic selfies of me. This is a very special set for you and you’re going to love it. My beautiful body basking in the sunlight showing off my glistening pussy. My tanned tits and erect nipples against the bluest sky. You’re going to stroke the biggest load for your Coach Sasha just to get the month started out right. You love seeing me in a bikini laying out at the pool doing our poolside therapy.


April Sexy Selfies

Femdom Life Coach March Madness Bikini Tease

March Madness is here and while most of my clients are watching basketball I’m watching the beautiful blue sky and laying out by my pool. I need to do a lot of clearing my own mind after working in depth with my wonderful clients and I spend a lot of time at the pool meditating. Wouldn’t you love to be my servant for the day and by my personal pool boy? I thought I would send out some sexy bikini shots to further train your brain to always be focused on your Femdom Life Coach. Proper training keeps you in line.
Imagine being my pool boy in these 5 photos of me hanging out at my pool. How would you serve me? Would you be able to make me happy or would I fire you for not being able to please me properly? Are you up to the task?

March Madness tease $1.99

Pool Boy Photos

Femdom Natural Beauty Jerk Off Instruction

You worship my beautiful dominant Femdom body because it’s perfect and natural. Zero enhancements just the perfection I was born with.

It’s nice to have you back for another session. So, I’ve been doing a study about men preferring natural beauty over surgically enhanced beauty. Do you ever tired of all those barbies with the big fake boobs and botoxed up faces. I understand that the botox lips might be fun to suck on your cock but, you don’t want to kiss those do you? No, I didn’t think you did. You like sexy pretty natural lips like mine . A natural beauty like me doesn’t need to get fake tits, botox or tattoos. I wouldn’t want to alter my magnificent body, look at it… Look at my beautiful lean body and perky natural perfect Goddess tits. My natural beauty makes your cock so hard doesn’t it. You want to stroke your cock to my natural perfection don’t you. Lets see if that study is right, take your cock out for me right now it looks so hard in your pants. You’re getting so hard for my body right now. My natural beauty is hypnotizing you, so perfect and so smooth my skin is so soft and so naturally perfect. Keep stroking to my natural beauty and lets see if the study is right.


Natural Beauty Jerk Off Instruction

Femdom Life Coach Beach Body Worship

Most of the Country and parts of the world are in a deep freeze or are in a really cold climate right now as Winter still looms. It’s been a while since I sent out a sexy Femdom life coach photo set and think now is the perfect time. A brand new Niteflirt goodie bag to get you through the cold day.
Enslave yourself to my beautiful beach body with 7 photos of me nude in the sand. I love being on the beach but, I love being naked on the beach even more. I love catching you staring at me. I love the way the sand feels on my ass when I do my nude yoga. Your cock is going to be so rock hard stroking to my tanned and toned sand covered ass. Enslave yourself to your Coach Sasha now.

Beach Sand Goddess

Pillow Humping Addiction Fetish

Your pillow humping fetish will instantly get switched on when you look at my pretty thighs straddling and rubbing my pussy against my pillow.
You came in for a life coaching session to talk about your issues and I was wearing my white lace panties just to get deep into your mind and hypnotize you. I know how weak my white lace panties make you teasing you with my pretty pussy. When you asked me if I would ever have sex with you and I laughed at you and gave you the finger I saw how hard your cock got for me. I wanted to mind fuck you even deeper and put my pillow between my legs and tease you and mock you as I deny your cock the chance to be with me. My pretty pussy and ass so nice and tight straddling that pillow. Since you’re not going to get the chance to be that pillow you’re going to jerk off to me like a good boy. Mmmm its going to feel so good. Begin now and do as your Coach Sasha tells you.


Pillow Humping Seduction