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Coach Sasha’s Yoga Pose Hypnosis Worship JOI 2

You come to my yoga class and stare more at me then you do your own practice. I know you come to look at me, I know you have a fetish for yoga pants and a fetish for a strong Woman. Your cock is so hard when you watch me, I’ve always noticed it. Now your yoga fetish dreams will be made as you watch me over and over again.
My beautiful poses will entrance you, My powerful female energy will come through with each pose as you focus and meditate on my beautiful body , My powerful muscles make you so relaxed and your mind so weak, you can’t take your eyes off my body making you more and more addicted to me make you want to jerk off for me, make you devote yourself to me, devote yourself to my fit beautiful body. My beautiful yoga poses keep you so hard you will watch and begin to stroke for me as you become deeply mesmerized by my body.

Includes – Seduction – Yoga – Body Worship – Workout – JOI

Yoga Pose Fetish Hypnosis

Sasha’s Pretty Poison Seduction Femme Fatale Fetish

Sasha’s Pretty Poison Seduction 12:00
I saw you staring at me in the club all night long and I knew you were too scared to approach me. Now that I’m talking to you I think you should buy me a drink and lets see where the night takes us. You’re seduced into leaving with me and surely you think you’re going to have sex with me. You’re in for a seductive femme fatale surprise. While I’m teasing you and showing off my beautiful body that you were lusting over all night at the club you begin to feel a bit woozy in your mind as your hard cock keeps getting harder. While you went to the restroom in the club I slipped a little something in your drink and now you’re mine and I’m going to have my way with you and use you and leave you left another breathless drone who will do whatever I say. You should be very careful when walking into this femme fatales web.
Includes – Executrix – Humiliation – Femme Fatale – Pussy – Tits – Ass – Jerk Off Instruction

Pretty Poison

Coach Sasha’s Sissy Facial Training Cum Eating Instruction

Monday’s motivation is special treat. Instead of loading up on all that Halloween candy and treats sitting around I have a more healthy treat for you. Something with much less calories and a ton of good for you protein. Have you figured out what your special treat is?

I know you’ve been wanting something for a long time. You’ve mentioned it a lot recently and that something is a load of hot cum on your face. Today is the day you give yourself a sissy facial, a true sissy loves a big load on his face. You’re going to feel like a slutty dirty sissy when you squirt that big load of cum all over your face. You crave that hot load and you are going to give yourself a huge load for me. You’re a facial loving sissy for your coach Sasha. If you want to be a true sissy you will learn to love getting facials. I’m going to guide and coach you to give yourself the biggest hottest load in your face all for me. 

Cum In Your Face Sissy Facial

Personal Massage Slave Training

Life Coach Sasha Trains You To Be A Personal Massage Slave Bitch Boy
You want to serve me don’t you? You want to put your hands all over my body I know you do.  I’m going to train you into my bitch boy slave. I want you to start by rubbing my feet and giving them the proper attention they deserve like a good bitch boy slave. I can make you do whatever I want and you’re going to be so happy to comply to make me happy. You live for being bitch boy slave and pleasing your Coach Sasha. My ass is feeling pretty sore too from all those squats so you’re going to have to rub it for me and make me feel really good. It’s exactly why I’m going to love having you around to do exactly what I want to please me. You’re going to rub me all over and it better be dome right and better be done really good so that it makes me feel so amazing. Relive my tension and tell me how you love being my bitch boy massage slave. Make me moan in exstacy massage bitch slave boy!

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Massage Slave Femdom

Pillow Humping Fetish Sensual Humiliation

We are going to have a really good session today. If you don’t have your favorite pillow with you go and get it now because Im going to instruct you on how to fuck your pillow today this is so hot for pillow humping addicts like you. Of course i’m your inspiration for your pillow fucking, when you fuck your pillow you will only think about me. If you only think about fucking me while you’re pillow fucking you’re sure to have the most intense orgasm. Now you want to make sure you’re using a nice clean pillow, don’t be a disgusting pig and re-use a used pillow. Are you ready to get your little dick off for your Coach Sasha?

Pillow humping 3