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Compliant Ass Hypnosis Photo Set

You’ve come in for many sessions demonstrating that you’re incapable of satisfying a Woman with your cock. I’m going to show you how you’ll be spending the rest of your life using your mouth to give a Woman pleasure. You will learn to become a compliant hypnotized ass slave. You will stare and stroke to 10 hypnotizing sensual photos. My deep tanned and toned body making you so nice and compliant doing exactly as I want. You will find yourself getting harder and more weak for your Coach Sasha. You will worship every photo under a deep hypnotized mind thinking of yourself satisfying me with your mouth and your wallet.


Compliant Ass Slave

Fitness Femdom Legs And High Heel Worship

You’re always staring at my strong femdom fitness legs. They are so tanned, toned and smooth and could easily crush you if you were clenched between them.
I know you have a very big foot fetish, you need to learn how to worship my high heels and my feet. In my beautiful lace body suit my fit toned legs already making you so weak for me. You want to be a good foot worship slave, You need to lick the bottom of my Louboutins and lets see how much of my high heel I can get into your mouth. You also have to clean and lick my toes and my heels, you won’t miss one spot as you massage and clean my feet. I’m going to teach you how to become a very good foot slave. Can you make me cum by worshipping my feet the right way?



Femdom Fitness Yoga Teacher Sasha Feminizes You

I have a new Femdom fitness clip for you. A very special Niteflirt goodie back for my sissy boys or my curious clients who love my private femdom fitness session.

Welcome to our private one on one session, I’m glad you signed up for this special session with me it will be nice to have some private time. But, you can’t workout in my studio in the clothing that you’re wearing. You’re going to have to put on what I give you. You do as I tell you and wear what I tell you, i’m the instructor! You know you really move like a girl, you’re really looking like a woman right now. The more we elongate your body the more feminine I’m going to make you. It seems like you really like the way you look in your girly workout outfit. It feels so good to have that tight spandex against your skin doesn’t it. It’s so nice to stretch and feel so pretty lets do some sissy inhales, with each inhale you feel like more of a woman and with each exhale you will release the male. At the end of the session – You have such a feminine glow, I knew you would love this session. I’ll see you next week


Yoga Emasculation

Sensual Ass Hypnosis Session Part 2

It’s been a long week and you felt so good after our first ass hypnosis session. It’s time to have another session. You’re going to relax and put all your attention and focus on my ass. The more you look at it you’ll find yourself going into a very deep sleep. I know you’ve fantasied about my ass hypnotizing you during our sessions. You’re going to fall into a deep trance and won’t be able to wake up until I instruct you too. Back and forth my ass sways back and forth and back and forth and deep into your face cleaning your mind. You will only pay attention to my ass and let go. Surrender to Sasha.

Ass Hypnosis 2

Femdom Life Coach Pillow Humping Humiliation Lesson

A brand new Femdom life coach video that will have you feeling so good upon watching and following the session. Are you pillow fucker? Do you have a pillow humping fetish?

Pillow Humping Humiliation Lesson 1

I know since you’ve been coming to our sessions you’ve been having sexual thoughts about me. Since you’re never going to have sex with me and the closest thing you’re going to get is fucking pillow and calling it Sasha. I’m going to show you how to do it and tell you how to jerk your cock off. Your Life Coach knows exactly how to get your sex life going. It’s going to feel really good, this is going to be some of the best pussy you’re ever going to get. I will be laughing at you as I seduce you, I will be humiliating you as I see fit. Go get your pillow and lets get to your first Pillow humping coached session.

Pillow Humping Humiliation