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Coach Sasha’s Intense Deep Eyes Hypnosis

I like the way you stare at me in our sessions. You’re always nice and fixated on my eyes and my words. I can feel you looking deep into my eyes when we are together and I know you can feel my power. My eyes make you so weak, don’t be shy come take a look and relax staring nice and deep into my entrancing erotic intense eyes, You want to feel my eyes hypnotize you, looking into my hypnotic eyes will make you weak and compliant to me, feel the way my beautiful eyes will addict you, can you feel me working my way into your soul and brainwashing you with my powerful eyes. I know you already can/ The more you stare into my eyes the more you want to give in to your Coach Sasha. Look deeper, stare longer and give yourself to me. You cannot and will not resist your Life Coach Sasha


Look Into My Eyes Hypnosis

Femdom Fitness Humiliation

Femdom fitness humiliation style always gets my unmotivated slackers into gear. Your Coach Sasha knows exactly what my slave bitch client need. The ideal femdom life coach session is here for you to get you moving off the couch and stop jerking off and work out for a change. You can’t get dates and you want me to help you get in shape. We have a ton of work to do fatty. Are you ready to work out fatty? If you want to keep up you need to lose the weight so lets get it going fatty! You might be one of the fattest losers i’ve ever seen. Come on lets do some sit ups and push ups. I said Lets go fat ass and don’t waste my time! You can change your life and not be such a fat ass loser. Doesn’t my INSANE body inspire you to get in shape? I’m the lifeline for a fat loser like you to get in shape and aspire to fuck a girl even a fragment as hot as I am. Lets get to it and start to fix that loser life fatty!



Femdom Life Coach Body Worship Fetish Clip

Can you imagine if you had the chance to wake up with me in the morning. You got to watch me open my eyes and start my day off and smell my beautiful morning breath. I made this session so you could see what it might be like if you were lucky enough to be able to sleep in a bed with me. To share the intimate moment of my morning seduction.
I love to wake up and make you start my day with you worshipping my entire body. Worshipping every inch before my day gets started. Did you dream about waking up like this next to me? Dream about your Life Coach being in bed with you giving you the chance to worship my beautiful body in the morning. My hypnotic curves will leave you falling in love and begging to listen to my every word. My pretty feet need a nice licking and massage before I get to my workout and then a day in the office. Isn’t that how you want to start the day with my feet in your mouth. My entire body seduces you and captivates you. I’m your inspiration and hypnotic muse.

Morning Bed Hypnosis


Niteflirt Goodies Cuckold Cream Pie JOI

I’ve made my first clip in my Niteflirt goodie bags for my cuckolds and pussy lovers and now its ready for you to worship, and learn from. I’m your cuckold coach for the day.
Today is your lucky day, I had the most amazing sex last night with one of my new stud toys. I let him shoot a huge load of cum inside of me and I still havent taken a shower. You’ve always wanted to learn how to be a good cuckold and I’m going to show you how. If you want to serve my pussy then you’re going to show me that you can be a good cuckold who’s going to clean up for me. Your cock so small, in fact its the smallest i’ve ever seen cucky boy. My stud toys cock is like 5 times the size of yours ! Come on over here slave, get over here and lick this pussy up nice and clean and taste that cum. You’re such a good slave it’s too bad your dick is so small. Be a good slave and do as your told. See you don’t have to be totally worthless you do a good job at cleaning up.


Cuckold Femdom Fetish

Compliant Ass Hypnosis Photo Set

You’ve come in for many sessions demonstrating that you’re incapable of satisfying a Woman with your cock. I’m going to show you how you’ll be spending the rest of your life using your mouth to give a Woman pleasure. You will learn to become a compliant hypnotized ass slave. You will stare and stroke to 10 hypnotizing sensual photos. My deep tanned and toned body making you so nice and compliant doing exactly as I want. You will find yourself getting harder and more weak for your Coach Sasha. You will worship every photo under a deep hypnotized mind thinking of yourself satisfying me with your mouth and your wallet.


Compliant Ass Slave