Become My Bisexual Slave

Will you be willing to do humiliating acts for your femdom Life Coach Sasha? This is your chance and my first femdom clip training you to do humiliating acts to show me that you really are devoted to me.
You tell me you want to devote yourself to me and that you’ll do anything for me. Well, now you’re going to get the chance to do just that. I’m going to make you my hypnotized bisexual slave. You’re going to do the humiliating task of tasting another mans cum for me and you’re going to like it. You will be my bisexual slave just to show me that you will do anything that I ask you too. You will become bisexual and suck cocks, lots of cocks and you will take load after load of cum for me. When I say the word bi-sexual you will find yourself looking at men. When you hear the word bisexual you will look at men and get turned on. You are already becoming bisexual. You’re going to be the best bisexual slave for me aren’t you


Become My Bisexual Slave

One thought on “Become My Bisexual Slave”

  1. Make me shoot it all over a dinner plate and clean it all up! Or make me ‘man ice’ a cupcake for you…lol! Indeed many of us would do that for you. (on cam)

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