Coach Sasha Knows You’re So Gay For The Guys At The Gym. Home Wrecker Blackmail Femdom Clip

You’re So Gay For The Guys At The Gym Home Wrecker Blackmail

I’ve been seeing you at the gym a lot lately it’s like we go at the same time 5 days a week. Hi, I’m Sasha nice to meet you, I also noticed a couple of other things like, you coming here with your wife or girlfriend or whoever that woman is. The moment she walks away to do cardio I see exactly where your eyes wander, I see you follow around the jock guys and I watch you stare at them doing squats. I saw you last week pop a boner watching one guy doing a bench press and you grabbed your towel and put it on your lap because your dick was so hard. You’re so totally gay for all the hot guys at the gym. You’re so gay for the muscular guys here aren’t you ha ha ha! I’ve even seen you follow a couple guys into the locker room, did you watch them shower or take a steam naked? What a closet gay pervert! You find out I’ve got compromising photos of you and you have to do exactly as I say.
Includes – Femdom – Humiliation – Home Wrecking – Blackmail

Home Wrecking Blackmail Fetish

My Beautiful Face Makes You A Hypnotized Jerking Robot Slave

My Beautiful Face Makes You A Hypnotized Jerking Robot Slave
I’m so beautiful and powerful that I can control you with just my face. The way you look into my dreamy eyes locks you into my world as I take control over you. You never thought it was possible to fall under the control of such a pretty face just through your screen. Well, it’s going to happen to you, Im going to control you and your cock with my beautiful face. I’m not going to show you my body and you’re going to be harder for me then you ever have before. You’re going to experience the most rock hard cock inducing feelings from listening to me and looking into my eyes as I take total control of your life. The more you look into my eyes the more I’m going to own you, I’ve always owned you but now the feeling is more intense then ever before. My eyes, my lips, my words make you stroke your cock over and over for me. You can feel that I am your one truce Goddess whom you want to give everything too. All I have to do is say what I want and you will give in. All you want to do is serve me, give me your money, buy me things and stroke for me every single day. Your mind, body and orgasms are mine and you will never get enough. The addiction is mounting as you stare and I control you.

Includes – Seduction – Financial Domination – Face – Eyes – Staring – Hypnosis – Control

Deep Mind Fuck Hypnosis

Hypnotic Seductress Cum Eating Instruction CEI

Hypnotic Seductress Cum Eating Instruction CEI
Today is going to be a special session, I’m going to have you do something today that you might be really uncomfortable with but can’t stop thinking about it. I’m going to ask you to eat your cum for me today. You’re going to want to show me how you want to please me by taking every delicious drop of your cum for me. I know we’ve talked about it in the past but its time to go through with it. Are you ready to take your cock out for me? Show me what a good boy you are and focus on my beautiful body and listen to every word that I say to take you there. Don’t be nervous just think about how good that first drop opt cum is going to taste when it hits your tongue. You’re going to love the taste of it, you’re going to love the hot heat from that steaming fresh load. Just think about all that hot cum going right into the back of your throat for me. As you focus on my beautiful Goddess ass your cock is getting harder and you’re building more and more cum of to give you that thick hot shot. Only I can get you so turned on like this to give you the biggest loads to eat. All this teasing you and tormenting you with my tits and ass has you ready to lay on your back for me like a good boy. Put your legs up in the air for me, its time to show your Goddess what a nice tasty load you’re about to take.

Includes – CEI – Cum Eating Instruction – Goddess Worship – Femdom – Ass – Tits

Cum Eating Instruction

Coach Sasha Puts You Into A Hypnotic Stroke And Spend Trance

Are you ready to get your cock nice and hard for me and open up your wallet? I’m going to put you into the hottest hypnotic jerk off trance and its going to make you want to spend away on me. You’re going to become entranced by my beautiful body and become so weak. your mind is going to become totally hypnotized to want to give to me. My tits and my gorgeous long legs keep your eyes locked in as you go deeper and deeper into a spending trance. You’re going to want to go to my wish list and buy me things, you’re going to want to send me gift cards, you’re going to feel the need to tribute me with cash, You’re going to buy more and more of my clips. You need to give your Goddess everything, you’re so addicted to pleasing me that all you can do is masturbate and pay me. You get so much pleasure from giving me whatever I want. You love when I hypnotize you, it feels so good you’re so addicted you need to give Goddess everything. I’m going to have you empty out all your savings to give to me. I want it all and theres no coming back from this hypnotic spell I’ve put on you

Includes – Hypnosis – Financial Domination – Femdom – Seduction – Home Wrecking – Jerk Off Instruction

Financial Domination Hypnosis

Blackmailing My Boyfriend To Suck Cock

Fortunately for you I’m going to keep my mouth shut about what I’ve found out about you and your massive gay porn stash on your computer. I’ve decided i’m going to pimp you out now and make you take cocks every night all night long. That’s what you wanted isn’t it? I mean I found all that gay porn on your computer. You want cock, well now you are going to get cock. You are going to have to take all kinds of cocks, every night. I might give you the weekend off, but I might not. It depends on how much you make during the week. I think this works out for both of us, you get cock and nobody is going to know, and I get to make a lot of money. Oh really? You don’t want to do that? Well, then in that case I’m going to have to tell everyone, your friends, your family and everyone you work with Ok great I am so glad that we could come to an agreement. I know you are going to love taking all that cock for me. Are you excited to become a cock sucking hooker? You are going to take load after load after load. You are going to love taking it in the ass, I can tell. I always knew there was something different about you, I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Even when you asked me to put my finger in your ass. I guess that should have been my first clue. You know at first I was shocked, that my boyfriend wants to get fucked by guys. That my boyfriend fantasizes about cocks while he’s fucking me. But now I am starting to realize that there is a good side to all of this. I want you to admit it. Admit that you love cock. Say it. Say it again. I think this is going to be great, In fact, I have your first booking tonight, you actually have a few dates already. I can’t wait to hear all about it. You are going to love having that hard cock in your mouth and in your ass. You are going to be a cock sucking cum swallowing whore. You are going to do it all for me. I guess you can blame it all on me if you can’t accept the fact that you love and crave cock.
Includes – Blackmail Fantasy – Cuckold – Humiliation – Femdom – Pussy – Tits – Ass

Blackmailing My Boyfriend To Suck Cock