Sasha Gives The Best Blowjobs Part 2

Sasha Gives The Best Blowjobs Part 2

I made a special clip for one of my lovers in a hot school girl outfit. I love sending dirty videos to him to make him think about how good I can take his cock. I know you want to know how it would be if I sucked your pathetic cock so now you can pay to jerk off thinking I made this especially for you. Now you get to watch me, you get to jerk your cock for 10 minutes thinking about me sucking on your cock, stroking as I look you into in the eyes and tell you go deeper in my mouth. I like to make it really wet and sloppy before I swallow that big load of cum. A good school girl always swallows.
Includes – Simulated Blowjob – Dildo Sucking – Lips – Mouth Fetish

Sloppy blow job fetish

Secretary Sasha Office Cum Eating Blackmail Jerk Off Instruction

Your favorite Secretary is back in the office this week. I think we both know who the real boss is when I’m in the room. Are you ready to get the day started the right way. Let’s get to work listen to every word that I say.

It looks like I found something really interesting out about you. I know you masturbate in your office and cum all over your desk and I have the proof right here on my phone. So things are going to have to change around here. You’re going to do as I say or I will destroy you. Do exactly as I tell you right now. You’re going to jerk your cock off for me and cum all over your monitor and I’m going to film it for further proof. You’re such a loser I’m the boss now little dick! You know they say the camera makes everything look bigger but in your case its not working! You’re in for a big treat, I’m going to make you lick every drop of that cum off that screen for me. You’re such a pervert jerking off in your office while I’m sitting right there. Do as I say right now and cum all over that screen or you’re fucked and I’ll make you lose everything and I mean everything like penniless! Did I make myself clear?
Includes – Blackmail – JOI – Role Play – CEI – Humiliation

Secretary CEI Instruction

Worship Coach Sasha’s Sweaty Ass In Yoga Pants

Worship my sweaty ass in my sexy yoga pants after nice long run. You’re always staring at me at the gym and at yoga and really anywhere I am with my yoga pants on. Now I’m going to let you worship my ass in them.
I just did a 6 mile run and I’m so hot and so sweaty. You know what that means for you don’t you? It means that I smell and I’m nice and sweaty ready for you to worship my body in these hot as fuck yoga pants. An ass slave like you can’t get enough of looking at how hot my big round juicy ass looks when its all sweaty and stuffed into my skin tight yoga pants. You become stupid when I sway my ass in your face because you’re such a hypnotized ass slave. You’re going to jerk your cock off to my sweaty ass as it controls you. Look at how big and found it is, the more you look at my big round ass the more of a stupid mind controlled jerk off slave. You’re so addicted and my ass makes it so easy to manipulate your weak mind. It makes me so wet knowing my ass is my weapon that controls your weak brain and cock. You know you’re not good enough to get near my ass and thats why you’ll just jerk off to my ass and become even more hypnotized and stupid as you cum for my ass again and again.

Includes Femdom – Humiliation – Jerk Off Instruction – Ass Worship – Yoga pants

Sweaty Yoga Pant Hypnosis

Sasha Seduces Your Girlfriend And Makes Her Cum So Hard

My best guy friend has the hottest girlfriend Maya, I’ve always had a thing for Maya since I met her. She’s beautiful and exotic with this slender perfect body. I invited her and her boyfriend over for a dinner party. After a couple bottles of wine Maya was mentioning her back was bothering her and I knew this was the perfect chance to get my hands on her. I convinced her I took massage classes and told her to come up to my room and I would see if I could help her feel better. She didn’t hesitate and followed me up and immediately took her shirt off for me. Her skin was exactly as I imagined it was going to be on my fingertips and I was beginning to get turned on and I could tell she liked my touch. I decided to take things under total control and I slid my soft fingertips over her sweet little pussy through her panties. She was surprised and smiled and I knew she liked it, she asked me what I was doing and I asked her if she liked it. I assured her it will be our secret and to just relax so I could make her feel really good. All the hesitation left and she put her trust in me. I began kissing her deeply then getting Maya naked for me I was ready to show her a special massage I was going to do with my mouth. She told me it was the best massage she’s ever had and we went back downstairs with our boyfriends having no idea what we just did.

Includes – Girl/Girl – Lesbian Domination – Sensual – Pussy Licking – Femdom

Seducing Your Girlfriend

Sensual Masturbation Game – Will I Let You Cum Today?

I’m feeling playful and as sexy as every in the warm weather and it makes me want to play games. I’ve got a new masturbation game for you.
Will I Let You Cum Sensual JOI Game 2 Am I going to let you cum today?
Theres really only one way to find out and you know how much I love to tease you. You immediately get so hard and want to explode. This is always so much for for me, I love to direct you to stroke your cock for me and take you to the edge. Am I going to be nice today or am I going to leave you with a serious case of blue balls. I get so turned on teasing you with every inch of my body as you stroke and play with your balls. It’s going to drive you crazy wanted to know if I’m going to let you cum. I know you’re so close I can tell by the way you’re looking at my pretty pink spread pussy. Ready to play with me?
Includes – Sensual – JOI – Games – Femdom – Pussy – Tits

Am I going to let you orgasm