Secretary Sasha Seduces The Boss Virtual Sex Role Play

Secretary Sasha Seduces The Boss Virtual Sex Role Play
We’re out of town on a business trip and you’re mad at me for the way I was flirting with our married big money client. I know exactly how to get you to stop being mad at me and maybe you’ll even give me a little bit of a raise. I come over to your hotel room to try and calm you down about this and keep you from being so worried that I fucked it up. You know I can fix all of this, I’m the best at what I do and I always solve problems. I finally get you nice and relaxed and start to take your mind off things. I begin to undress in front of you and reach over and put my hand on your raging hard cock that I can see. I take your cock out and begin to stroke it and ask you if you want to fuck me. Of course you say yes and once again secretary Sasha solves all the problems and all your worries go away.
Includes – Role Play – Virtual Sex – Orgasm – Pussy – Tits

Virtual Office Sex

Double Femdom Humiliation You Have To Pay To Hang Out With Celeste And I

Double femdom humiliation with Celeste and I. We are going out tonight and you have the nerve to ask to come with us. Why would we want a guy with a small dick to go out with us? We want to be seen with guys with small dicks, and look at your micro penis! But, of course you beg us to be able to come with us, and then Celeste has the best idea yet, you can buy all of our drinks for us! I agree with her, but you can’t sit with us because there’s no way in hell we are going to be seen with you. I guess we don’t have to tell you that no woman in the world wants a guy with a small dick. I still can not believe how small that thing is, it’s like your body grew but your dick stayed didn’t. Your dick stayed a baby dick. I’m pretty sure that is the SMALLEST dick I have ever seen. Your cum shot must be tiny too, it probably just shoots out two little drops of cum. The only thing you can do is jerk off to us and give us your money, but we definitely NEVER want to see your tiny penis. So you better jerk off behind closed doors. Now we’re ready, so let’s go! Includes: Financial Domination – Femdom – SPH – Humiliation

Double Femdom Humiliation

Public Masturbation On The Beach Nipple Hypnosis

I love public masturbation, its one of my favorite things wondering if someones watching me or maybe I might get caught. As my clients knew I was just on vacation and had the most amazing time.
I found this special place at a beach on vacation and made this hot clip for you to lust and stroke too. I was just playing around on the beach thats near a golf course when I decided to do a hot topless clip but then all the sudden I got incredibly turned on and I knew I had to cum and get myself off. The hot sun on my tits and my nipples glistening in the sun felt so good. I can cum from just playing with my nipples. I had to be quiet because there were golf carts in the distance and people walking around at the resort. There was no way I was turning back until I had a great orgasm.
Includes – Public Nudity – Orgasm – Tease – Masturbation – Nipples

Public Masturbation On The Beach