Home Wrecking Ass Extracts Your Passwords Blackmail Fetish

Welcome back from the holiday weekend, you must be needing my life coaching desperately. I have quite the devious session for us today. I’m going to use my powerful ass against you. Come sit down and relax, You know you want this.
My ass makes you so weak, my perfect ass has been known to make you do whatever I want. My ass is going to get all your passwords from you so I can totally destroy your life! You’re so weak you can’t even stop me. You look at my ass nice and close up and it mind fucks you even more as you divulge all your information to me for everything, Facebook, banking etc, You’re going to tell me everything and I know exactly how to get it out of you.
You’re going to lose yourself to my ass. Do you like how lethal my ass is and how its going to take everything from you. I’m going to have everything I need to wreck your life but it was all worth it wasn’t it.
Includes – Homewrecking – Blackmail – Ass Worship – Fantasy – Ass Shaking

Home Wrecking Ass Worship

Your Wife Hired Me For Cuckold Training

Your wife contacted me and told me about your cock and that its too small and you can’t get her off. She sent you to me because she needed me to teach you how to be a good cuckold. First you need to understand that your cock incredibly small and you can’t sexually satisfy your wife. What you can do is watch her getting fucked by a man with a much larger cock. You can also satisfy her by licking all the cum out of her pussy after she’s seen a new lover. Doesn’t all this sound really good? I think you’re already starting to understand that this is the only way your wife is going to get true sexual pleasure. She may have you interact with her new lover too. Lets start the training now.

Cuckold Training With Femdom Life Coach

Bikini Fetish Stroke For Sasha Orgasm Seduction Cum For Me

Stroke For Sasha Orgasm Seduction Cum For Me As I Get Myself Off
I was feeling so turned on when I got this hot new bathing suit. I went over to my friends studio to make a few clips and I suddenly got so turned on seeing how hard his cock was getting while I was being filmed. I was so wet I started touching myself and I knew I had to make myself cum. I look right at you and make you feel like you’re right here with me as I give your cock a few strokes and then get back to my little wet pussy. My body looks so tan and so hot you’re going to cum so hard with me. You’re going to love the way I put my ass right at the camera and spread it so nice for you as I play with my pussy. Cum with me, I know you want too.

Includes – Seduction – Moaning – Orgasm – Pussy – Bikini – Tits

Bikini Masturbation

Femdom Life Coach Could Kick Your Ass Humiliation Fetish

Hey I know you, I’ve seen you at cross fit didn’t I see you throw up last week because you couldn’t handle a day at the box! I saw you were trying to make eye contact with me a million times but the only thing I was interested in was watching how much you sucked at your times to complete a workout on the rings. I counted your reps as you were attempting your pull ups and you really looked like a total pussy not even being able to get through it. I could totally kick your ass you suck so bad these workouts. Your air squat looks like shit too, you really need to learn proper form, I would walk over to you and knock you to your knees you’re such a pussy. Didn’t you notice a bunch of us girls mocking you when you were jumping rope and you kept tripping over it you idiot! You’re such a weak ass pussy I could totally kick your ass straight to the mat

Includes – Femdom – Humiliation – Mean Girl – Body Worship

Femdom Fitness Humiliation

Femdom Life Coach Penectomy Fetish Chop It Off

Happy Friday The 13th! I wanted to do something special for today and show you my really cruel and dark evil fetish side. It’s almost hard to believe such a sweet faced angel like myself can have such dark thoughts and do something this deviant.
The Dark Side Of Cock Collector Sasha
You’ve always wanted to meet me, and this time I finally said yes, not only did I say yes but I’ve invited you to my house. You’er finally going to get to meet your Goddess in the flesh, being in my powerful lair. You should consider yourself very, very lucky, I only invite a very select few of my slaves over. There’s something you probably don;t know about me that I don’t really talk about. My secret fetish is that I collect cocks. I begin by inviting a select special slave over, make him think that he’s just going to have a normal session with me like you do right now ha ha. Then, I drug him and tie him up and when he wakes up he’s immobile. Even if he tries to scream it doesn’t matter, my place is soundproof. You look really scared right now, whats the matter? As scared as you are it looks like your dick is rock hard for me anyway. Is the thought of me cutting off your dick and balls terrifying you? Well it should be! Don’t worry I won’t kill you, I already have quite the collection of cocks. I can still tease you a little bit, before I do it. Look at how hard you are, I love teasing you and torturing your mind as you have no idea of your fate. What else do you want to see before I decide what to do with you? My little pussy? You’re so turned on you could cum just from looking at my pretty pussy, imagining how good it would feel against you. Do you think that’s worth losing your cock? I do.

Includes – Penectomy – Evil – Fantasy – Black Widow – Tease – Seductress – Worship – Castration

Penectomy Fetish