Pussy Hypnosis With Femdom Life Coach Sasha

Powerful Pussy Hypnosis
Do you know the power of the pussy? The pussy is very magical part of the Womans body, a Woman like myself knows how to use my pussy in very powerful ways. I like to use my pussy to get what I want, I love knowing how powerful and commanding my tight little pussy is and how just even a small glance at it can drop you to your knees and completely hypnotize you. You probably think there is no way you could fall under the spell of a pussy and there is no pussy that could make you into weak fool. I’m going to show how I’m going to take control of you with my pussy. How my perfect tight little pussy is going to hypnotize you into wanting to devote yourself to me.
Includes – Hypnosis – Mind Control – Pussy – Sensual

Femdom Life Coach Sasha's Pussy Hypnosis

Femdom Life Coach Sissy Training

Coach Sasha Turns You Into A Sissy Girl! It’s Femdom sissy training day and sissy training time.
I think we should have a special talk. I think it’s time that we both admit it that you’re not really a man. I think you need to start dressing the part. I have lots of girly bras and panties and I want you to try some on for me. Here take these pink ones and put them on. I can tell you like wearing my lingerie don’t you? Now I want you to start playing with yourself for me. It’s like I have a girlfriend instead of a boyfriend, you are a girl. I love it. Tonight we are going to go to a bar and pick up a guy with a big cock and you are going to suck him off to get him really hard for me. You’re going to be wearing my lingerie under your clothes. Then you are going to watch me fuck him and then he’s going to fuck you and give you a nice big load. You are going to take that load for me. This is making me so fucking horny, my pussy is so wet right now. Tonight’s going to be fun.
Contains: Forced Bi, Femdom POV, Cuckolding, And Forced Crossdressing.

Sissy For Sasha

Sasha Is The Alpha Boss In Mens Clothing Client Seduction

Sometimes I like to take my hot female clients and do my own kind of role play with them. I’ve been working with Lucy for a while now with her issues with Men so, I thought I would dress in Mens clothing and show her how good it can be with the right Man. The right Man of course is a Woman with a BIG strap on cock that knows how to really work a pussy. I’m going to make Lucy cum so hard for me when I fuck her sweet little pussy so good and show her who the Alpha Boss is! I make her thighs quiver and her pussy throb with desire for me to fuck her good.
Includes Girl-Girl – Femdom – POV Strap On – Pussy – Tits

Alpha Boss Sasha

Sasha’s Hypnotic Mind Blowing Intense Orgasm

You love hearing about how often I masturbate and the details of it. Your cock gets so hard when you hear me tell you every little detail about how I get myself to cum nice and hard. I love to use my orgasms against you. I love to fuck with your weak mind and tease you with my body and my orgasms. I’m going to do a strip tease and get down to my beautiful natural body. I’m slowly going to glide my fingers down my my pretty tight pussy and play with myself. When I get myself nice and wet playing with my clip I’m going to use my fingers to fuck my wet tight little pussy until I cum. I know you’re going to stroke your cock while you watch me. Do you think you can cum at the same time that I do?
Includes – Masturbation – Pussy – Orgasm – Mind Fuck – Femdom

Hypnotic Orgasm Worship

Femdom Life Coach Ass Worship Training

Worships Sashas Asshole Lick It Up
You’ve been begging me for a long time now to get deep into my asshole with your tongue and today I’m going to let you. I put on my pretty panties I know you’re going to love and want to worship. It’s been so long since you’ve been making comments about what you would do to my sweet asshole and I’m finally going to let you in. All spread and in your face it looks so good, so get right over here because this is where I’m going to make you put your lips and get it nice and wet for me. You want to please me and tease that pretty asshole of mine don’t you.
Includes – Ass worship – Ass Play – Masturbation

Ass Worship Slave