Femdom Life Coach Sasha’s Glasses Fetish Masturbation

Don’t you love a Woman in glasses? I thought you had a glasses fetish by the way you acted when you saw me in them in our sessions. That really turns me on after listening to my clients all day.

Getting Myself Off After A Long Day At Work
I had a long day and talked with a lot of clients and now its time I take care of myself. I got so worked up today when a few of my my really hot clients came in. All I’ve been wanting to do all day is get myself off. I couldn’t wait to get back from the office and get on my bed and play with my pussy. I start by teasing my nipples and work my way down to my little pussy and start playing with my clit. I take my time with my pussy and really relax so make sure I give myself the most amazing orgasm. I feel completely satisfied after especially after knowing you just watched me. 10 Minutes
Includes – Orgasm – Moaning – Glasses – Pussy – Tits – Masturbation

Glasses Fetish Masturbation