Coach Sasha Makes You Confess To Your Shame CEI

A new cum eating instruction session to help you. You’ve been coming to see me for almost a year now. Every session we go over the same thing, you looking at cocks, you talking about cocks. Of course they’re always big cocks It’s time for you to confess and say the words out loud that you’re a cock loving fag. Lets focus on my big thick rubber cock, look how hard you got when I pulled it out for you. Admit it to me, come on admit your secret shame and say the words out loud for me. You’re to tell me, you’re going to say it over and over how much you like cock. Im going to have you stare at my cock and jerk off and eat your own cum for me. Lets start our session and begin the confessions.

Cum Eating Instruction

Sasha Is Boss Life Coach Sasha’s Office Lesbian Seduction

Its been a long day at the office and I have a lot on my mind. I’ve been noticing the incredible hot blond new assistant who’s been walking around the office. I go over to talk to her and see how she likes working for me and she tells me how happy she is to be here. It was obvious she was so grateful to work for me that she would do anything. I start to caress her beautiful blond hair and she seems a bit surprised. Everyone has left the office and its just the two of us. I want her to show me how badly she wants to be my personal assistant and climb up the ranks fast. My assistant and I kiss and she starts to go down on me and licks my pussy until I cum. I cum so hard and I grab her hand and brings it back to my wet pussy before she can say a word, “Make me cum AGAIN” I whisper. If she wants to be my number one in the office she’s going to have to make me cum. I use my assistants hand to rub my clit until I cum even harder than the first time.
Included – Girl/Girl – Lesbian – Femdom – Pussy – Dildos – Orgasms

Lesbian Office Seduction

Coach Sasha’s Yoga Pose Hypnosis Worship JOI 2

You come to my yoga class and stare more at me then you do your own practice. I know you come to look at me, I know you have a fetish for yoga pants and a fetish for a strong Woman. Your cock is so hard when you watch me, I’ve always noticed it. Now your yoga fetish dreams will be made as you watch me over and over again.
My beautiful poses will entrance you, My powerful female energy will come through with each pose as you focus and meditate on my beautiful body , My powerful muscles make you so relaxed and your mind so weak, you can’t take your eyes off my body making you more and more addicted to me make you want to jerk off for me, make you devote yourself to me, devote yourself to my fit beautiful body. My beautiful yoga poses keep you so hard you will watch and begin to stroke for me as you become deeply mesmerized by my body.

Includes – Seduction – Yoga – Body Worship – Workout – JOI

Yoga Pose Fetish Hypnosis

Coach Sasha’s Dick Is Bigger Than Yours. Ultimate Humiliation

You’re such a weak pussy, you’ve been seeing me for a year and you’re still just a weak ass loser who’s made little to no progress. My cock is so much bigger than yours pussy boy. Look at your Coach Sasha’s big virtual cock compared to your tiny excuse for a dick. You can almost see how huge my cock is coming straight out of my pretty pussy. You’re going to be down on your knees for me like a pathetic loser pussy and you’re going to suck my huge cock. Do you like sucking my big huge dick? Your little dick is about the size of my pinky. You know I really did think after all this time with me you would have shown at least a little improvement but, you’re really nothing but a pussy.
Includes – Femdom – Humiliation – Pussy

My Dick Is Bigger Thank Yours

Sasha’s Blackmail Pill Home Wrecking Seduction

Blackmail and home wrecking fetishes can be incredibly powerful. Blackmail is almost scary when it happens to you and you don’t even realize that its happening until its too late. Your blackmail fetish and longing for my home wrecking has your cock incredibly hard for me in this session.
Come on into the office, I have something for you today that I wanted to share. There are these amazing new natural relaxation pills that I’ve been taking and I wanted you to give it a try to see what happens. You’ve been so hesitant opening up to me on a lot of things so perhaps this will enhance our session. Don’t worry I would never slip you anything that I didn’t think was healthy and going to totally benefit you. You’re going to feel so good and relaxed I wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up telling me things that you never told me before. Here just swallow it whole and get yourself really comfortable.
Includes – Blackmail – Home Wrecking – Sensual

Blackmail Home Wrecking Fetish