Hypnotizing Skinny Dipping Goddess Voyeur

Relax with me in this hypnotic visual relaxation clip. Escape on a voyeuristic hypnotic hard cock inducing blissful mind trip
My perverted friend couldn’t resist filming me nude taking a swim in my pool. I love to skinny dip, I love the way the water cascades over my smooth skin. I love the way my nipples peek through the small waves when Im on my back floating. I love the way the hot warm sun kisses my beautiful ass. Sit back and relax and watch my soothing swim with the beautiful sounds of water splashing making you drift away into a hypnotic mini bliss as you find yourself wanting me even more.

Includes – Skinny Dipping – Swimming – Relaxation – Hypnosis

I’m Your Jerk Off Habit You Just Cant Break Masturbation Addiction JOI

So, That email you sent me telling me that your masturbation addiction has doubled since we started our sessions seemed urgent I’m glad I could get you in this week to see me.
So you’re now masturbating twice as much!! You masturbate to me? Now you come to my office to talk about your masturbation problem and tell me that i’m the cause of your masturbation problem? Are you kidding me, you’re going to actually book a session with me and then tell me that I’m the cause of your chronic jerking off! !!! You’re not really going to blame it on the way I dress for sessions, I can’t help that I love to wear incredibly tight dresses and sexy panties. Why are you looking up my dresses anyway? Now I’m going to make your masturbation addiction even more intense. . Now I’m really going to show you what you’ve been wanting to see, I’m beautiful aren’t I and you’re never get to fuck me but you will masturbate to me constantly. Im going to take your masturbation habit into jerk off overdrive now. You’re going to want to jerk off to me even more then you did before.
Includes – Humiliation – Addiction – Femdom – Mind Control – JOI

Jerk Off Habit Addiction

Red Lipstick Fetish Seduction, Cum For My Red Lips JOI

When you come to our fetish life coaching sessions I always notice the way you watch my lips. I can really tell you like when I have on my red lipstick because you seem to pay even more attention to what I’m saying. I’m going to ignite your red lipstick fetish.
My pretty pouty soft hypnotic lips get you so hard. Im going to put on the most pretty red lipstick and let you watch nice and close. I know you want to cum all over my lips, I can tell by how hard your cock is getting as I tease you with my round full lips. You stroke your cock thinking about me allowing you to cover my pretty lips with cum. Your cock throbs wishing it was between my lips with red rings of lipstick around your cock. My lips are so seductive they are totally controlling you. My pretty pout is taking control of your cock getting you so hard. You can’t help it you have to jerk off to my pretty red lips

Includes – Lips – Red Lipstick – Seduction – Masturbation Instruction

Red Lipstick Fetish

Sweet Sensual Dreams With Sasha ASMR Love Whispers

My ASMR love whispers will keep you from feeling alone on Valentines day.
You want to feel what its like to be loved by me, You want to know what it would like to lay in bed with me while I whisper sensual words of love and lust to you. My whispers and words will send an ASMR like feeling through your entire body. Take a love nap and feel how it would be to be the one I’m in love with. I love how close we are when we are in bed together, going to sleep together. I feel so safe knowing you’re next to me. It’s the best feeling ever, I’ve never felt so close to anyone before, you make me so happy. I love being able to whisper in your ear and get even closer to you. I love blowing you little kisses in bed, Mmmm you smell so good next to me. I love touching your body and kissing you making you fall more and more in love with me. Isn’t this relaxing me in your arms feeling so good next to me holding me so gently. I love the way you touch me, it’s so intense you’re so in love with me and Im falling even more in love with you. You make me so happy, you make my body feel so good. Sweet dreams lover, goodnight.
Includes – Seduction – Role Play – Whispers – ASMR

Femdom Life Coach Sasha’s Female Slave Worships Her Mistress

Sasha’s Female Slave Worships Her Mistress
One of my clients knows her purpose is to serve a superior Mistress like myself. I’m going to let you in on one of our sessions together and show you how I humiliate my sexy slave and make her worship my body. The way she looks at me with her beautiful powerless eyes is so hot. I love to boss her around and make her follow me around on her hands and knees. Watch me order her to massage me, dance for me and lick me all over. She knows she has to do everything I say or I’ll let her husband know what she comes to me for. I love to order her to lick my pussy before I’m down with her and take her back into her cage for the rest of her session.
Included – Femdom – Humiliation – Lesbian Domination – Girl/Girl – Female Domination

Lesbian slave worship