Life Coach Sasha’s Bikini Financial Domination Hypnosis

Mind Controlling Stroke Instruction Financial Domination In Paradise 

You know what you came here for, you’re going to jerk your cock off to me as I guide you at my beautiful pool. You love seeing me so tan and in my hot bikini as I get you so hard and more inclined to do whatever I say. The moment you looked at me you instantly became brain dead. I love when your mind is weak and controlled by me. You need me to tell you how o jerk off and when to jerk off and what to do while you’re jerking off. You know I love it and you know what else I love? I love when you give me your money and I love making you so weak that you give me more and more of your money. You like jerking off to me, You like looking at my sexy young body, you like it when I tease you with my ass and pussy. Then you have to pay. You don’t care though, you would gladly give me all your money just to get to play.  Keep staring at my tits and my pussy, look how nice my pussy is. Look at my pussy and stoke that fucking cock. Go faster and faster. Now you belong to me. You can only stroke when I tell you to. You can only cum when I tell you to. You are going to go and buy all of my clips, like a good obedient boy. You are going to watch me everyday and obsess over me.

Includes – Bikini Worship – JOI – Masturbation Instruction – Femdom – Financial Domination – Seduction


Bikini financial domination

Sasha Makes You A Jeans Worship Ass Slave JOI

It’s so rare that I come into my office in jeans. But on those casual days I have my jeans on I can see your cock get hard and your eyes light up. I’ve got the legs and the ass to fill those hot jeans and I know it. Now I’m going to take advantage of your jeans fetish.
You’re a denim slut are’t you. I always see they way your eyes light up when I wear my jeans. You want to smell my asshole through my jeans don’t you, smell my warm pussy right through that denim. I love to tease a butt slut like you with my jeans. I know exactly what a jean slut like you wants so get over here and smell my crotch and lick my pussy over my jeans and taste my denim. Show me what a good jeans slut you are for my expensive jeans, show me that you deserve to worship my perfect ass in my sexy denim. I’m going to make you stuff your face into my thong too so you can get a really nice deep smell as you watch my jeans go up and down my ass while your hand goes up and down your cock.
Includes – Denim – Jeans – Seduction – Ass Worship

Jeans Worship

Babysitter Sasha Divorce Encouragement Home Wrecking Seduction

Happy New Year, I wanted to thank all of my loyal clients for another year of taking a fantastic and enlightening journey together. I love guiding you to new places making your life feel more whole. Reading your feedbacks and taking your calls brings me so much happiness knowing I’m making my mark on the world. Another year of you needing me, another year of you becoming more needy for my sessions. I’m the one and only life coach you’re ever going to need to get through life.
With the ongoing popularity of how many times I hear in my sessions about how much you can’t stop thinking about me as your babysitter I made a new babysitter home wrecking clip to destroy your mind even more. I look incredibly beautiful in my hot outfit and my hair is in long perfect braids. You’re cock is already hard for my hair in those braids isn’t it?
Remember how you always told me I was so much more then just your babysitter and life coach. I’m going to make you leave your wife. Your wife thought she was hiring just the sweetest babysitter little did she know I was going to steal her husband. You’re going to leave her for me, you know its what you really want. You can leave her to be loyal to me. You love my beautiful tits so pretty and firm not like your wifes saggy tits. I knew you were ready to do this. You’re going to leave your wife for me.

Babysitter Blackmail 2