Giantess Femdom Sasha And Kelly Make You Worship Their Boots

Giantess femdom’s Sasha And Kelly are here to make you worship our boots.
How did you get into our house little man? You just made a huge mistake by sitting there spying on us. Were you staring at us in the shower? You need to be taught a lesson tiny little man. Oh wow is your tiny little dick getting hard, gross! Get over here and worship the bottoms of our leather boots little dick! Are you having fun down there cleaning them off? Perverts pay the price and now you’re going to be our tiny little slave. You better be careful with that little pecker or we’re going to step on you. You look so cute little man as we laugh in your face with that gross little hard dick poking out. Now that you’ve done such a great job with those boots its time to clean our stinky sweaty feet. Ha Ha Ha, don’t pass out on us little slave you’re not done! You’re going to get stuffed into our boots and be our insole as we go and do our errands. If you try and get away we will step on you.

Includes – Femdom – Boots – Bare Feet – Giantess – Role Play – Humiliation – Laughing

Giantess Boot Worship

Teasing You With My Sheer White Pantyhose Until I Cum

Were going to take your pantyhose fetish today and I’m going to take advantage of what pantyhose do to you.
You’re always looking at my legs when I’m wearing sexy pantyhose. I love to tease you with my legs in our sessions, it always makes you so weak and susceptible to what I say. I know what you really want though, you want to watch me strip out of my little outfit and get right down to these hot sheer white pantyhose. You want to see my ass and my pussy in them all nice and tight as you stroke your cock off to me. I’m going to tease you with my ass and bounce it around in your face. It’s getting me so turned on I’m going to rip a hole in the pussy and get myself off thinking about sticking my big juicy ass in your face with these hot nylons on. You’re going to stroke your cock for me as I tell you and you’re going to cum when I tell you but, not until I get off first.
Includes – Pantyhose – Ass Worship – Ass Bouncing – JOI – Masturbation Instruction

White Pantyhose Fetish

Catching You Looking Upskirt JOI Humiliation Blackmail

Do you have an upskirt fetish? Maybe you just want to jerk off for me while I humiliate you. In this session I think you’re going to love when I do when I bust you for looking up my hot dress trying to look at my pussy.

OMG I can’t believe I just caught you looking up my skirt! You desperate loser, I can’t believe you would just be such a pervert like that trying to see if I had panties on. Were you really looking up my fucking skirt? That’s really sad, you must be so desperate and never get any pussy. Why else would a guy go out of his way to try and look up a girls skirt unless he was a total fucking pervert! Is that what you do go creeping around looking up girls skirts? What a sick fucking creeper, I’m going to call the cops on you and tell them you sexually assaulted me just to teach you a lesson. Ohhh look at you are you actually really sitting there crying like a little bitch now, all scared you’re going to get arrested for being a pervert. Well lucky for you i’m going to give you the chance to stop me from calling the cops. Take your cock and your wallet out right now. DO IT NOW.. You will do exactly what I tell you or else you’re totally fucked.

Includes – Upskirt – Blackmail – Humiliation – JOI

upskirt joi femdom

Outdoor Ass Hypnosis With Life Coach Sasha

Outdoor Vacation Ass Hypnosis 6 min

I saw you staring at me in the hotel and I caught you following me down to the beach. I kept dropping things just to test you and see if you were staring at my ass. I was right, now I’m going to put you deep under my ass spell and get you addicted to me and I’m going to take all your vacation money. Can you imagine your wife or girlfriend knowing how you’ve been watching me on your vacation. The tropical sun radiating off my beautiful tanned ass. Watch as my ass sways back and forth as I mind control and tease you as you focus on my beautiful sun kissed ass. Its so hypnotizing, my tanned skin makes you so weak for me. Don’t look away from my ass, really focus on how beautiful it is. Look at how my pretty pussy is peaking from that ass hypnotizing you deeper and deeper. You will give everything to my bronzed ass.
Includes – Femdom – Ass Worship – Mind Control

Ass Hypnosis

Boyfriend Role Play Cum Eating Instruction Life Coaching

Lets end the week with a really good role play. You already know that to be my boyfriend its going to require doing exactly as I want. I’m high maintenance but you want to be with me don’t you? You want to be an incredible boyfriend. Show me what a good boyfriend you’re going to be for me.

Honey, you know how much I love the taste of cum well, I’ve been wanting you to do something for me. I thought it would be so hot having my own boyfriend eat his own load for me. You know you satisfy me so much but, I really want to watch you stroke your cock for me and eat that load up. You know how much I love sucking your cock and swelling your cum thats why I know you’re going to love it too. Its going to taste so good and i’m getting so turned on watching you stroke and get so hard for me. Baby, I want you to give yourself the best facial for me, holding out your tongue try and catch every last cum of that big load. You’re so sexy when you stroke for me baby. You’re getting so close baby, Now, just aim your cock right at your face and get every drop of your load thats going to shoot.

Includes – GFE – Cum Eating Instruction – Pussy – Ass – Sensual – Role Play – JOI

Cum Eating Instruction Role Play