Sasha Kicks Her Roommates Ass Wrestling Girl Fight

I caught my roommate going through my closet and taking my clothes and I’m so fucking pissed off. I’m going to confront her and if she denies it I’m going to kick her ass. I’m really sick of the pig mess she makes too. She’s the worst roommate I’ve ever had and I’m going to show her now not to fuck with my stuff! I’m going to throw her on the ground and shove my dirty shoes all over her bitch self! I’ve always thought she was a lesbian too so I’m going to see what happens when I trap that bitch on the floor and stick my pussy on her face and hold her down. She can cry and call me a crazy bitch all she wants and I won’t care. I’m the Queen around here and no one takes my stuff!
Includes – Girl Fight – Wrestling – Brat Princess – Lesbian – Femdom – Humiliation

Sasha Kicks Roommates Ass

Femdom Life Coach Body Brainwashing

I love the power over you and I love when I get you wrapped around my beautiful body. I’m going to brainwash you with my seduction, you think you’re coming to see me for our regular appointment but this one is even more powerful. You can’t resist the way I flaunt my body at you brainwashing you into obeying everything that I say. You’re already so weak for me but I want you even weaker, I want to brainwash you even deeper and make you even more in love with me. I am going to brainwash you to where you only stroke your cock for me and my beautiful body. Scrubbing your mind free of anyone else, only getting hard and cumming for your Coach Sasha. Includes – Brainwashing – Sensual – Femdom – Pussy – Tits – Ass – Jerk Off Instruction – Hypnosis

Body Brainwash

Sasha Catches You Peeking In A Victoria Secret Dressing Room Blackmail

Did you really think you could go into a Victoria Secret and sneak around and look at girls in the dressing room? No I don’t think you’re going to get away with that you pervert! How did you think you could get away with this and not get caught? Oh wait, you wanted to get caught didn’t you! Take your cock out right now and get on your knees. Everyone in the mall is going to know what a pervert you are because this is all on video right now. I might let you go if you produce a big load for me, I think I’m going to make you cum on the floor and then clean it up and If you don’t the video gets released. You better have a big load for me either way if I was you I wouldn’t come back to this mall ever again.
Includes – Humiliation – Role Play – Cosplay – Femdom – Ass Worship – Cum Countdown


Red Lip Fetish Sensual Seduction Hypnotic JOI

Lip Fetish and mouth fetish enthusiasts will weaken at the sight of my sensual mouth. My red lips are going to seduce and hypnotize you. My lips are lethal to your mind as they will totally control you. Look at how beautiful and full they are, so soft and sensual they taste like strawberries. Don’t you wish you could taste them? Mmmm the way I play with them getting so deep into you mind as you become deeply entranced by my lips. You want to feel them so badly and touch them with your lips and feel them against your body. My lips are so soft and so seductive and you can’t get your mind off them. The more you stare and focus on my lips the more you become entranced with me and you will do anything for my lips. You will do whatever my lips ask of you, my lips have you so hypnotized and turned on. My lips are going to control your orgasm as my lips decide when you’re going to cum. Includes – Brainwashing – Sensual – Femdom – Jerk Off Instruction – Hypnosis


Sasha Enslaves You And Your Wife Her Slave

I’m going to make boy you and your wife my slave bitches. I’m going to won you both and make you do all kinds of things for me. You’re going to both be my bitched and i’m going to make your wife do all kinds of nasty things. I might go out and find a hot guy with a really big cock and let him cum inside my pussy just so I can make your wife lick it up. I’m going to have you as my assistant running errands for me and you’ll do it all with a smile on your face. Look at my insanely hot body because it’s going to make you do whatever I ask of you. You’re both so pathetic and should be so happy that you’re getting the chance to serve a Goddess like me. You should be grateful you get to look at such greatness and perfection. You’re going to sit in the corner and watch your wife lick the cum from my pussy and its going to be so fun as Im looking at you laughing at you. From now on you’re both my slaves.

Husband And Wife Slave