Sasha’s Pretty Poison Seduction Femme Fatale Fetish

Sasha’s Pretty Poison Seduction 12:00
I saw you staring at me in the club all night long and I knew you were too scared to approach me. Now that I’m talking to you I think you should buy me a drink and lets see where the night takes us. You’re seduced into leaving with me and surely you think you’re going to have sex with me. You’re in for a seductive femme fatale surprise. While I’m teasing you and showing off my beautiful body that you were lusting over all night at the club you begin to feel a bit woozy in your mind as your hard cock keeps getting harder. While you went to the restroom in the club I slipped a little something in your drink and now you’re mine and I’m going to have my way with you and use you and leave you left another breathless drone who will do whatever I say. You should be very careful when walking into this femme fatales web.
Includes – Executrix – Humiliation – Femme Fatale – Pussy – Tits – Ass – Jerk Off Instruction

Pretty Poison

Coach Sasha’s Sissy Facial Training Cum Eating Instruction

Monday’s motivation is special treat. Instead of loading up on all that Halloween candy and treats sitting around I have a more healthy treat for you. Something with much less calories and a ton of good for you protein. Have you figured out what your special treat is?

I know you’ve been wanting something for a long time. You’ve mentioned it a lot recently and that something is a load of hot cum on your face. Today is the day you give yourself a sissy facial, a true sissy loves a big load on his face. You’re going to feel like a slutty dirty sissy when you squirt that big load of cum all over your face. You crave that hot load and you are going to give yourself a huge load for me. You’re a facial loving sissy for your coach Sasha. If you want to be a true sissy you will learn to love getting facials. I’m going to guide and coach you to give yourself the biggest hottest load in your face all for me. 

Cum In Your Face Sissy Facial

Femme Fatale She-Devil Sasha Is Coming To Take Your Soul

Femme Fatale She-Devil Sasha Is Coming To Take Your Soul 11 min

I’m the She-devil you never imagined would come for you. I can tell you’re already scared but your time has come and there’s no where to hide. I’m here to take your life and you can beg all you want but your fate is in my hands. I’m going to let you have one last orgasm but at the end of that orgasm its going to be the last orgasm you ever have. I’m going to be the last thing you look at and the last body you stroke too. All you can think about is how much you want to touch me, how desperately you want to be inside me and how good its going to feel when you cum for me. The more you look at my body and listen to my She-devil voice you’re harder then you’ve ever been and you don’t even care that Im going to take your soul and cum. You know whats going to happen don’t you once you cum for me. Are you ready for your She-devil Sasha.

Includes – Seduction – Tits – Face – JOI – Cum Countdown – Role Play – Femme Fatale

She-devil Femdom

Boyfriend Role Play The Blow Job You’ll Never Have

I’m going to let you in on my personal life as a little reward. I’m feeling generous knowing I have some of the best clients. You can lay back and watch pretending that I want to be with you, think of me as your lover who missed your big cock. I know its a far fetched fantasy and you’ll never ever have the chance for us to be lovers. Boyfriend role play with the hottest blow job ever.
I was missing one of my lovers who lives out of the country so I went out and found a big huge realistic cock that looked like his. I surprised him with this clip showing him how much I’ve missed having his huge cock in my mouth. I wanted to show you what it looks like when a real Man sized cock is in my mouth. The way I stroke it, go down on it and get it so nice and wet with my spit. You’ll love watching me moan and tell him I want him to cum in me. You’re going to feel like I’m talking directly to you, as if I was actually sucking your cock but, you don’t have a cock that big so I would never!

Includes – Sensual – Role Play- Pussy – Tits – Ass – Jerk Off Instruction

Blow Job Lover

Jerk Off And Cum For Sasha’s High Heels CEI

Jerk Off And Cum On My High Heels Humiliation CEI
It’s time for a new cum eating instruction clip and since I know you have such a craving for my legs and heels I made you this high heel fetish cum eating instructional session.
You crave my degradation and I’m going to have you worship my beautiful legs and high heels as I degrade you and treat you like a total slut. You’re going to stroke that worthless little cock for me and do what I say loser! You need me to degrade you and make you jerk off for me. How much do you worship my legs? Keep stroking your little dick as you crawl over and lick the bottoms of my heels. You would do anything to be able to touch my beautiful legs. The only thing you’re good for is worshipping me from a far because, a Goddess like me would never let a tiny dick loser like you get near me. Are you going to give me a little loser load or a big one? Come on, cum on my shoes and you’re going to lick up every last little droplet of cum off my heels.
Includes – Sensual – Humiliation- High Heels- Feet – Jerk Off Instruction – Femdom

Eat Cum Off My Heels