Femdom Life Coach Humiliation Crush JOI

Humiliated By Your High School Crush JOI
Wow, I can’t believe you found me on Facebook after all this time! Wow you look great! Remember how in high school you used to do all my homework for me and give me lunch money. That was so hysterical and it lasted like 4 years! Wait what? did you just ask me out on a date, thats so funny because I wouldn’t date you in High School and I certainly wouldn’t date you now. Have you been stalking me on Facebook? I bet you have so you know what, let’s have some fun! Get naked for me and I’ll show you what you’ve always wanted to see, get naked now! Do you remember what a huge loser you were in High School HA Ha Ha, I’m going to let you jerk off to me now because I think its fun teasing you still. You’re finally going to see my ass and pussy and you’ve been waiting forever for this and I’m still not going to let you touch me stalker loser! Remember I embarrassed you in front of everyone for getting boners every time you saw me Ha Ha You better cum for me because I don’t have all night, I have a date.

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High school crush fetish

Sasha Blackmails You Into Eating Your Own Cum CEI 2

Your Femdom life coaching session for the weekend is going to begin with some cum eating instruction. We’ve been seeing each other for a while now but every once and a while I need to remind you who the real boss is. Today I’m going to make you jerk off and eat it. What do you mean you don’t want to do it? Didn’t I just tell you that I’m the boss! Seeing as I have all this information on you I don’t think your friends and family would want to hear about our sessions and the discreet things you tell me. This way you really know you belong to me and that I’m in charge and can get you to do whatever I want.

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Cum Eating Instruction Blackmail

Fitness Femdom Hypnotizing Inspiration To Get A Woman Like Me

You keep telling me that I’m everything you would want in a Woman but you can’t find a Woman thats anything like me. I’m here to be your Femdom inspiration, someone you will use as your high status bar for comparing all other Woman too.
To get a woman like me you need to care about your appearance. Money and brains aren’t everything its 95% important but so is your appearance, now doesn’t the thought of being able to get a hot Goddess like me sound good to you? Think about being able able to be seen with me on your arm walking down the street or, to be able to take me shopping and buy me lingerie that should only be worn by a perfect 10 natural bodies like mine.Then this alone should be your inspiration to work out and start to care about your body. Hard bodied Goddesses like me take notice those things like the way you stand, do you stand tall and confident like I do? Do you have nice skin, do you keep yourself properly groomed like I do? To get a Goddess like me you must work out and take care of your body. Woman want a fit Man, and don’t think taking a jog around the block and going to the gym for an hour staring at hot asses counts as getting fit. Show me how much you want me, sign up for a marathon show me how you want to get in shape, make some effort. Isn’t this inspirational? My nude Goddess body is so fit, go ahead become mesmerized. I’m your fitness femdom inspiration, Your coach Sasha inspires you to look good, giving you hope to one day get a Woman like me.

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hypnotizing Inspiration

Life Coach Sasha’s Orgasm Denial For Her Pleasure

Happy Monday, ready to start the week off right for me?
You know what really gets me off? Its you being denied an orgasm for my pleasure. I want you to stroke your hard throbbing cock for me. It’s already throbbing isn’t it. You want to give me pleasure don’t you? You want to please your Coach Sasha and when you deny yourself it turns me on so much. You’re going to jerk your cock as I torment you with my beautiful tits, rubbing my sweet pussy and putting my ass in your face. You’re going to feel so good. The more you deny yourself that orgasm the more turned on I get and all you want to do is get me off. Deny yourself for me now and feel the pain in my pleasure.

Orgasm Denial

Erotic ASMR Femdom Seduction Whisper Addiction JOI

This is my first erotic ASMR session and I think you’re going to find it highly addicting feeling the tingles that I’m going to give you. I advise you to listen to me through headphones for the full audio experience of going deep into your mind. I’m going to use a technique called ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) I’m going to induce brain tingles and and body sensations that will respond to the visual and auditory stimuli. I’m going to use this technique to control your mind making you only want to think about me. You’re going to love the way I whisper in your ear seducing you. My eyes and whispers are going to seduce you into giving me whatever I want. My whispers will control your cock directing you to stroke to my whispers. All you want to do is sign over everything to me, with each whisper and with each stroke you’re going to want to surrender yourself to me. With each stroke you find yourself belonging to me more and more with each stroke of that hard cock as my intimate whispers control you. You will watch this session for 7 days in a row and feel how you need my intense sensory whispers even more then ever.

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Erotic ASMR Whisper