Foot Fetish JOI Therapy With Sasha Adams Bare Tan Feet

I just put lotion all over my feet and they are so soft, take a look at how tan they are and my perfect light pink pedicure. I know you want to slide your cock between my soft soles but you can’t so you’re going to stroke to my soles. Imagine putting both or my pretty feet right into your mouth and tasting those pretty pastel pink toes. Your cock is so hard for my feet, you want to touch them and play with them and rub your cock on them don’t you. I know thats exactly what you want, just imagine how it would feel having my soft soles against that hard cock of yours. I want you to stroke your cock as I direct you how and you’re going to cum for my feet and show me how much you worship my feet. You’re going to give all your cum to my feet and you’re going to do it now!

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Tan Feet JOI

Coach Sasha Forces You To Cum In Your Face And Eat It JOI

In today’s session we are going to have some fun and do something you may or may not want to do. You’re going to jerk off to my beautiful body and i’m going to force you to eat your cum for me. I know have a cum eating fetish and you’re needing that push over the edge. You’re going to love the taste of your own cum on your lips and tongue as you stroke your cock to my body and listen to my every word. Keep jerking off to me as you imagine tasting all that hot cum just for me. You have todo whatever I tell you and you know that and thats why I’m going to force you to take that huge load that you’ve been working on right into your mouth. I’m going to show you my little pussy and my pretty tits so you can really stroke that hard cock and make sure you brew up a really huge load for me and you’re going to love how its going to taste.

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Forced Cum Eating

Femdom Life Coach Would Never Have Sex With You JOI Therapy

While I understand that all of my clients want to fuck me I mean look at me. I’m stunning and beautiful of course you want to fuck your Femdom life coach but, its really never going to happen.
Did you really just attempt to ask me out on a date when you come in town ? GET REAL ! Of course I would never go out with you, and yeah I know you jerk off to me online all the time and I know you jerk off to my videos constantly. Not a fucking chance I would never go out with you, you’re a fat slob and you dress like shit but lets get right to it. Look at your cock, no Woman would be satisfied by it. Since I would never fuck you there’s only one thing left to do and thats for you to jerk off to me as I deny you and humiliated you. Well the good news is that I’m going to let you jerk off to me and my hot tits and perfect tanned ass. Come on, jerk off to me.

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Sasha Would Never Fuck You

Femdom Life Coach Nipple Hypnosis Worship

The beginning of another stressful week is here so we are going to start this weeks fetish life coaching session with some relaxation. The Summer and all the family time is a time of stress now im going to aleve that stress rom your life with some intende nipple worship with a beautiful nipple hypnosis session.
You are going to become completely hypnotized by my hard nipples. During our sessions you’ve noticed that my nipples are always hard during our sessions. My nipples are always hard, the harder they are the more controlling I become. You will fall into a deep trance and feel the inspirational power my nipples have over you. Staring at them you realize how much power they have over you. Even when I wake you up you will have a constant longing for my nipples and how you love them and the feeling to be hypnotized by them.

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Nipple hypnosis 1

Research Volunteer For Sasha’s Sissy JOI Intoxication Study

I’m so happy you volunteered to be a part of my Intoxication fetish study. You will be compensated for your time. This is a really special study for me, would you like to have a drink? I want to see if the intoxication has a specific effect on you. Just follow all my instructions and allow the intoxication to let your body feel so good and have you do things you may have never done before. You may even find yourself reaching a special sissy state of mind once you’ve began to feel the different fetish intoxications. It’s going to feel really good, you know that your Coach Sasha will guide you in the right direction. You’re so fucked up you can’t control your hard cock so I’m going to help you by guiding the way.

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Forced Intoxication Study