Secretary Sasha Home Wrecker Blackmail Who’s The Real Boss

It’s the beginning of June and the beginning of a new week. Time to get back to work and this week we are going to dig deeper into your blackmail fetish in the office. There’s that one Woman in the office that has your eye. The one Woman who could destroy your life with her panties. Your cock just got hard thinking about that. Your secretary Sasha is in the office and has a special meeting with you.

You regret the day you hired me today don’t you. You thought it would be fun to have a really hot secretary but you had no idea how much trouble I was going to cause and complicate your life. You had no idea I was out to wreck your marriage. I just can’t help myself and you can’t resist me. If you were able to resist me then we wouldn’t be in this situation would we. From the moment you interviewed me you wanted me. You can’t say no to me look at my amazing ass you’re always staring at it. Your wife can’t even get your cock hard anymore and thats why you need me. I’m the only one who gets you hard. Thats why you’re going to give me raises all the time, all the vacation time I want, whatever I want! If you don’t I’m going right to your ugly wife and telling her everything! I’m the REAL BOSS now, about that raise.

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Secretary Blackmail Part 1