Coach Sasha Makes You Jerk Off In The Corner

Are you really going to start off the month by being late to our appointment? Have you ever been sent to the corner to jerk off? Have you been bad? I think you have. In my new fetish clip session I’m going to reprimand you and send you to the corner to jerk off as I humiliate you.

Get In The Corner And Jerk Off JOI
You should know by now not to ever be late for one of my sessions. Who do you think you are being late? I don’t care about your excuses, all I care about it that you wasted my time. Go head into the corner and strip down right now and jerk off, you’re not even going to be allowed to look at me and you will ONLY cum when I say you can. Begin stripping that tiny little cock is only going to face the corner. You’re not allowed to turn around and I’m going to get naked and its going to be next to impossible for you to not want to turn around. I’m going to make you cum on the floor like a bitch who can’t get to my session on time You will never be late again will you?

Jerk Off In The Corner