Home Wrecker Sasha Adams Tits Are Going To Wreck Your Marriage

My tits are going to wreck your marriage. Home wrecking you with my pretty tits and hypnotic nipples.

You’re always looking at my tits in our sessions and well you know that I love being such a home wrecker so I’m going to use my tits to totally wreck your marriage. Look at how perky and perfect they are. So tanned and sun kissed and I know you would give anything to kiss and suck them. My beautiful nipples are so powerful they will literally destroy your marriage. You would give up your marriage for my tits. You’re going to do what you do best for me in our sessions, you’re going to stroke your cock to my tits as they make you so weak and implant all the triggers to destroy your relationship. You won’t even care because all you can do is think about me.

Home Wrecking Tits

Coach Sasha Makes You An Obsessed Panty Sissy Boy

Sasha Makes You An Obsessed Panty Sissy Boy

You’re a closet sissy panty boy, a total panty pansy sissy who loves the color pink. You wish you had on my cute adorable panties. I’m going to get you obsessed with them. You’re going to love wearing panties and you’re going to love the feeling of a thong right up your ass. They look so good on me but I know you want to put them on you. You’ll see that by wearing panties you’re going to want to suck cock and its going to feel great. You’re actually going to crave sucking cock! Look at my amazing ass and my hot pussy in panties. You’ll be cute but, not as cute as me. Now come on admit it, lets say it out loud, you’re a sissy who’s obsessed with wearing panties! You’ve been dreaming of the day you were going to wear those pink panties and feeling soft and cute just like me. You’re going to be thanking me for getting you totally obsessed with wearing panties.

Sissy Panty Obsession

Sniff My Stinky Ass In My Yoga Shorts Workout Slave

You’ve come to me for a little one on one session and I know exactly why you booked it. You stare at my ass and I see how hard you get when you see sweat in it. I’ve caught you a few times looking like you were trying to sniff my sweaty smelly ass too. So today you’re going to shove your face and smell my stinky butt in my yoga shots. It’s so smelly and so stinky and whoops I’ve even got a little stinky Goddess gas for you. You’re going to worship and suck my stinky ass in those smelly pants. How does it smell? Better yet, how does it taste.

Stinky Yoga Shorts Fetish

Pillow Humping Fetish Sensual Humiliation

We are going to have a really good session today. If you don’t have your favorite pillow with you go and get it now because Im going to instruct you on how to fuck your pillow today this is so hot for pillow humping addicts like you. Of course i’m your inspiration for your pillow fucking, when you fuck your pillow you will only think about me. If you only think about fucking me while you’re pillow fucking you’re sure to have the most intense orgasm. Now you want to make sure you’re using a nice clean pillow, don’t be a disgusting pig and re-use a used pillow. Are you ready to get your little dick off for your Coach Sasha?

Pillow humping 3