Good Boy Fetish For Femdom Life Coach Sasha

Being told your a good boy feels so good. You come to me and strive to be a good boy for me. Are you a good boy for your Femdom life coach? We have a few things to work on, you were late to our session today and you know I have a strict policy that tells you to be waiting for me at least 10 minutes before the session. Let’s not let that happen again ok, let me just remind you when when you started our sessions you did sign the agreement which does state that you will be charged $10 per minute for every minute that you are late and the fees will be charged to your account on file. I looked over your food and exercise diary for the week and that also was a huge let down. You want to be a good boy don’t you? We are going to work on this until you get it right. You DO want to be a good boy don’t you??? Good, Now let me here you say “Yes Miss Adams I want to be a good boy for you” Say it again now louder because you didn’t say it with enough meaning…… Thats my good boy. Now you’re starting to get it. Now lets see how good of a boy you can be for me today. Do you have what it takes to be a good boy for me?

Good Boy Jerk Off Instruction