Coach Sasha Forces You To Eat Your Own Cum JOI

In today’s session we are going to have some fun and do something you may or may not want to do. You’re going to jerk off to my beautiful body and i’m going to force you to eat your cum for me. We are going to do a cum eating instructional session. You’re going to love the taste of your own cum on your lips and tongue as you stroke your cock to my body and listen to my every word. Keep jerking off to me as you imagine tasting all that hot cum just for me. You have todo whatever I tell you and you know that and thats why I’m going to force you to take that huge load that you’ve been working on right into your mouth. I’m going to show you my little pussy and my pretty tits so you can really stroke that hard cock and make sure you brew up a really huge load for me and you’re going to love how its going to taste. Your Coach Sasha is going to force you to eat your cum and I assure you, you’re going to love it.


Forced Cum Eater

Coach Sasha’s Sensual Brainwashing Booty Blackmail Session

My ass is dangerous and you know that I’m well skilled with my beautiful natural weapon. My fit femdom ass can get you to do anything. This week we are going to have a very intense femdom life coach session. I’m going to show you the power of my ass and what I can do to you in the confines of our session together.

Since we have been seeing each other for a while now I think its time you open up a bit more to me. Its time to really open up to me and let your secrets start to surface. You know everything we talk about is confidential so you don’t have to worry about anything. Just relax and open yourself up to telling me all your deepest darkest secrets. I always catch you looking at my ass, I see your eyes go right to my ass when I look in the mirror I can see everything. You know my booty has been known to have very serious brainwashing effects and the more you keep watching my brainwashing booty the more relaxed you’ll become and feel at ease to tell me your deepest secrets. I know you’ll follow along, I’m not to worried about it but, you should be.


Blackmail Booty Worship

Femdom Life Coach March Madness Bikini Tease

March Madness is here and while most of my clients are watching basketball I’m watching the beautiful blue sky and laying out by my pool. I need to do a lot of clearing my own mind after working in depth with my wonderful clients and I spend a lot of time at the pool meditating. Wouldn’t you love to be my servant for the day and by my personal pool boy? I thought I would send out some sexy bikini shots to further train your brain to always be focused on your Femdom Life Coach. Proper training keeps you in line.
Imagine being my pool boy in these 5 photos of me hanging out at my pool. How would you serve me? Would you be able to make me happy or would I fire you for not being able to please me properly? Are you up to the task?

March Madness tease $1.99

Pool Boy Photos

Worship Coach Sasha’s Workout Shoes And Sweaty Socks JOI

It was incredibly hot out this weekend it’s been in the 90’s for days. Waking up its still warm out and I get so drenched with sweat even working out in the morning. It’s nice to see you in my office today its the perfect time to be here for a foot fetish client like you.
I just got back from a really long run and I’m so hot and sweaty. My feet are so hot and sweaty and my socks are really damp, ughhh they really smell strong. You know you want to stuff your face right into my stinky sweaty shoes. omg I’m sweaty all over, my shorts are so wet I’m going to take them off. How bad do you want to sniff your Coach Sasha’s sneakers? You want to jerk off to my sweaty socks, I know you want to wrap my sweaty socks around your cock and stroke yourself off and cum into them. Go ahead take your cock out and imagine my sweaty hot feet touching your cock. I know you want to feel my stinky feet on your cock. Keep stroking…. don’t stop, keep jerking your cock off as I put my shoes in your face you sweat pervert. You love my sweaty clothes and my sweaty pussy, You’re such a dirty pervert who would do anything to taste my sweat.


Sweaty Feet Fetish JOI

Divorce Encouragement Home Wrecking With Life Coach Sasha

Lets work more on that home wrecking fetish of yours and take it to a new level.
Marriage Counseling Divorce Encouragement Home Wrecking Life Coach
You’re having problems with your marriage. You’re not turned on by your wife anymore are you and you’re just not connecting. We’ve been talking about this for quite a while now and it seems like not too much has changed for you. It seems like the only times you’re happy are when you come to my sessions, I can see how you perk up and smile the second you walk in the door. I’m happy I can be here for you twice a week you now, have you ever thought of how much happier you would be if you were single? Maybe we could even go to dinner, I know you want to take me out but that would be really inappropriate. You would save so much money if you were single again. Last year when you got me those beautiful flowers and that gift card that was so nice. If you were single you could take me on a vacation for my birthday. Wouldn’t that be so nice, to be able to take me on vacation and see me in my bikini and by me in drinks and show me off. Don’t you want to be really happy, you will be so much happier if you’re single. You want to be single, if you want to take me on a date you’re going to have to be officially single. Its the only way to make it happen, I hope next week in our session you’ll have some big news for me.


Divorce Encouragement