Only Hard For Coach Sasha Hypnosis 2

In the month of Femdom love I dare you to fall in deeper obsession with me. In my enchanting and persuasive seduction way I mind control you even deeper to make you hard for ONLY me.
You can’t get hard for HER anymore, in fact you can ONLY get hard for ME and MY body 5:59
The second you begin this session your cock will instantly get hard. I’m going to take away your ability to get hard for anyone else but me. Look at every inch of my beautiful body as your brain becomes mindless and you begin stroking for me. You’ll be instantly stroking so hard for me before I’ve even taken my clothing off just to show you how much power I have over you. You love my body so much and I know you would do anything to please me. Since you’ve been coming to see me and watching my videos and hearing my voice and playing with me is the only thing that gets you off anymore and I’m going to keep it that way. You know I love to tease you knowing how badly you want me. You’re only going to get hard for me and my perfect pussy, no other pussy will get you this hard. When you try to fuck any other pussy you’ll have to think about me to get off.


Red Hot Sissy Lover Training

Sissy boys now is the time for a sissy training session just in time for Valentines day and a week to practice. I’ll be taking your calls to do live sissy training sessions as well. Think pink my sissys!
You’re going to be a Red Hot Sissy Lover
Valentines day is one of my favorite days of the year its all about love and passionate sex and in today’s session I’m going to make you a red hot sissy. Im going to hypnotize you to become a red hot sissy. You’re going to want to have some red lingerie to wear while watching and red lipstick would be even better. I want to see you in your lingerie I want to see your sissy body all dressed up for me. You’re going to use those red sissy lips of yours to please all those cocks for Valentines day. You’re going to show me how you’re going to to give a red hot sissy blow job with your sexy red sissy lips and show me how you’re going to take it right in that sissy valentine ass.

Red Hot Sissy Training

Fall In Love With Me Seduction Femdom Hypnosis Session

Fall In Love WithYour Femdom Life Coach Seduction Femdom Hypnosis Session

I love February all the pink and red everywhere and love is in the air. Since you’ve been coming to me we’ve talked about your terrible love life so I thought we would do a special session. You’re going to fall in love with me as I hypnotize you with my life coach seduction. Love is in the air this month and love and valentine themed fetish clips are on their way.

Would you like to be my Valentine? I’m going to make you fall in love with me and become hypnotized and seduced by my beautiful face, and my sexy body with my hypnosis love spell. I want you to focus on all your lustful feelings for me and slip under my femdom love spell. Focus on how all that lust makes you want me so badly and the more you watch me the more in love with me you’re going to fall. All you can think about is how much you want me and would do anything for me. You’re going to stroke your cock for me Valentine and then I’m going to count down and you’ll show me through your hypnotic stroking a worship love puddle.


Fell In Love Hypnosis

Super Bowl Sunday Half Time Jerk Off Instruction

The big game day is here and you’ve been eating and drinking all day long. You’ve got money on the line and I’m going to take your winnings so you better hope you win and if you don’t you’ll pay me anyway.
It doesn’t matter who you’re rooting for, whether your team is winning or losing you’re going to want to jerk off at half time. You’ll probably be so hard watching Katy Perry’s tits during the half time show that your cock will get so hard and you’ll instantly be thinking of me. I want you to sneak off during half time and I’m going to give you exactly 5 minutes to jerk your cock off to me and score a touchdown with your load.
Wanna know which team I want to win? I really don’t give a fuck about either because I’m a winner no matter what the outcome.